Mojokerto Black Conspiracy celebrates its 14th edition of eponymous event series

Mojokerto Black Conspiracy is back with its bi-annual eponymous underground party on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at GOR Majapahit Mojokerto.

Like previous edition, the fourteenth installment will showcase 22 extreme music legions from around East and West Java.  The concert features Lose It All, Turbidity,  Puba’s Sweet Heroes, Misantrophic Imperium, Uret, Girlzeroth, Tragyst, to name a few.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Mojokerto Black Conspiracy  14 dihelat Minggu ini

Jakarta-based famous rock emcee Agung “Gele Golok Setan” Yulianto will host the show.


Bandung-based hardcore/metal Lose It All will give a sneak peek of their forthcoming sophomore album entitled Contentious to Mojokerto Black Conspiracy 14 spectators.  Prior the album launch, the band has released single “Menyayat Lembah Lemuria” in October 2016. No further information about launch date, but Lose It All has published a series of “Making the Contentious” videos in their Youtube channel. Presumably, Contentious will be released sometime this year.

The band founded in 2008 and to date has released EP Live Your Life in 2010 and debut full-length album New Beginning in 2014. Current formation comprises Phopi Ratna Agustin (vocals), Indrawan JS (guitars), Azi (drums), Rengga (bass).

Metal enthusiast has been waiting for Turbidity‘s new works with current frontman Bob Rock (ex-Bleeding Corpse) after Andry quit the band last year. With Bob, the band has released a demo CD titled Sinis – Promoshit 2016, released by Groupies Merch.  Funnily, Andry joined Bleeding Corpse early this year.

Since its inception in 2008, Turbidity has released studio album Suffering of Human Decapitated(2011, Extreme Souls Production), and EP Vomiting the Rotten Maggot (2012, Horrible Creation Extreme Musick Media).

Last formation consists of Bob Rock (vocals), Daniel Turbiyem (guitars), Ferry (bass) and Iko Karbon (drums).

The Sidoarjo-based deathcore act Pubas Sweet Hero will showcase materials from their debut EP Dominion, released independently in June 2013. An official video was published to accompany track Dominion on February 26, 2016.

Since its inception in October 2009, the band has a series of line up changing. The current formation consists of Jeff (vocals), Poenky Tria Herlambang (vocals), Johan (bass), Bagus (guitars), Rezan (guitars), and Filsa (drums).

Since its establishment in 1999, Gresik-based black metal band Tragyst has released a full-length album titled Lembah Kehancuran, published by SonnenGott Musik in August 2002. According to their Facebook page, latest formation comprises Opan (guitars), Amel (guitars), Kanthel (drums), Andi (vocals), Poenk (vocals) and Eko (keyboards).

Black metal enthusiasts in Mojokerto Black Conspiracy 14 can enjoy Misanthropic Imperium‘s songs from its debut album Cawan Amarah, released on May 17, 2017 by Hitam Kelam Records after few postponements. Previously the band has released high-acclaimed single Abomination Spells in 2016.

The band was founded in Malang in 2014 by members of Ritual Orchestra, Dramatic, and Kufur. Now consists of mysterious pseudonymous lords Danthalion (drums), Deadcrush (guitars), Infernus (guitars) and Throne of the Moon (bass, vocals).


Arise Cavalera in his recent interview with said this year’s issue emphasizes more East Java bands, differed than previous editions. He disclosed the fictitious name Bakul Kangkung Production being used in organizing the show is for fun purposes only.

The Mojokerto Black Conspiracy was declared on 30 January 2011 by three underground legionnaires Alexander Johnko, Arise Cavalera and Arap Pat Nggenah. The latter is drummer of Mojokerto-based brutal death metal act Range of Mutilated, a veteran band in East Java extreme music spectrum. The fourth guy Untung Sitanggang joined the company during the third installment. The squad survives until now and active in organizing some local events e.g. bimonthly-metal-gig Black Generation Party; charity concerts; and music shows in Mojokerto’s Car Free Night, co-organized with Mojokerto Police Department.

Last February, Alexander Johnko told, the event aims to make strong bond between local metalheads; and giving access to local musicians to get their talent recognized and  chance to hang out with guest musicians,  while spectators are given opportunities to enjoy good shows.


LOSE IT ALL (Bandung)
TEKAD (Mojokerto)
WHITE ANGEL (Mojokerto)
ERUPTED (Mojokerto)
TRISULA (Mojokerto)
BEGAL (Mojokerto)
KROPOS (Mojokerto)
CARNIVOR (Bojonegoro)
TUMPAH RUWAH (Mojokerto)
TRAGYST (Gresik)
ARISE (Bandung)
HIPOTERMIA (Mojokerto)
MOURPHY (Mojokerto)


Ticket is available for IDR 35K at the venue entrance.

Mojokerto Black Conspiracy #14 is supported by Djarum, Wa Distro, Disharmonic Distro, Cod Distro, Hey Congok!, Ressurection Merch, Majazine, Hadeath Records, Telkomsel, Lucky Service, AB Cell Jeruk Seger, Nifa Merch, Focussion Cloth, Semblan Satu Film, Reij Distro, Godzira Store, Pecel Pincuk Selera Waru Sidoarjo, Oksigen Distro, Saung Tanah Lumpur, Muvmuv, Corel Baw, Warkop Cak Met Lamongan, Thunder Boltwear Warung Rakyat,, KSC Cell, Stalker Family, Massa Hitam, Black Nose Store, Roy othic Collection, AA Cel Mojokerto, Warkop Dalbo, Budaya Kopi,, Waroeng Jati, Rock Bone, Warkop Sigur, The Foto Brothers, Adit teriak Merch, Radio RFM Mojokerto, Anggi Berisik Merch, Tukang Sablon Matair, Planet Jeans, MLTV Cloth, Teras Outdoor Store, Warung Pdodomoro Prambon, Printingku, Paku Bumi Production, and Dju Sport.


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