Monarki unleashes official lyric video for “Geek”

If you’re a fan of industrial rock and also a big grunge aficionado, you definitely will love this new music video from Monarki, an Indonesian alternative rock from Bandung. The band has just released a new lyric video for single Geek on their Youtube channel, on August 5, 2017.

The video contains a huge set of footage from the band’s live performances, massively edited to synchronize with the music.

Geek depicts about always to trust and be yourself, no matter how “different” you are. Let the freak in yourself goes out without a doubt.

With four-on-the-floor beat; post-grunge distorted and some fuzz guitars; and vocal in the shape of Chris Cornell, Geek unequivocally will not fail to get you up out of your seat and moving!

The song is the last single from their debut EP Eyes of the Future, released in April 2016, and the only song current frontman Widi Permana Putra took part in the very album, replacing former vocalist Vona Agfian who parted ways with the band during the recording sessions.


Monarki’s co-founder/guitarist Revly Lubis in his recent interview with talked about the EP recording process and the video production. He said the band recorded Eyes of the Future in Yudi Caffeine’s studio and Masterplan Studio, both were in Bandung, from 2012 to 2015.

The band line up in this debut comprised Revly (guitars), Andri Bil Barkah (guitars), Vona Agfian (vocals), Wisnu (drums), Lucky (bass), and Widi Permana Putra, who recorded his voice on Geek after Vona departed.

Yudi Caffeine and Bian (Masterplan) engineered, mixed and mastered the album. EP Eyes of the Future contains tracks Turn My Day Off, Monarchy of Heart, Eyes of the Future, Footsteps to Nowhere, and Geek. All tracks are accompanied by music videos.

The Geek lyric video was edited by Revly himself, incorporating footage from their previous gig appearances.

He revealed Monarki is currently working on their sophomore EP, scheduled to be released end of this year.

Monarki was founded in 2011 by Revly Lubis and Andri Bil Barkah in Bandung. The latest formation consists of Revly (guitars), Andri Bil Barkah (guitars), Widi Permana Putra (vocals), Wendy Irwandi (drums) and Ferry Herdiana (bass).

Check the video below:



Born to be special
Designed to kill em all
The difference makes us stronger
Nothing can make us fall

Looks can always fool you
Just like Clark Kent do
The power deep within you
There’s nothing we can’t do

Everybody wants to be a geek
Every single us is really a freak

Just stick to the notion
And held your head up high
Let’s skip the frustration
And you will getting by

Disaster is you master
Don’t ever cross your mind
Put the power to the passion
Forever cure the blind

Everybody wants to be a geek
Every single us is really a freak

Free just like a free bird fly
Just feel the wind beneath your wings
And let’s fly through the sky
Be whatever you wannabe
Our doubts are our traitors
So don’t be afraid
Let the freak be free


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