Mountain Rock Party, a new metal gig around Mount Bromo

Artikel event ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan ini: Milisi Hitam helat Mountain Rock Party di kawasan Gunung Bromo

Folks! Gear up yourself for the first Mountain Rock Party, a gig that offers a fascinating rock and metal music show and an opportunity to enjoy the scenic mountain view of Mount Bromo, a famous active volcano who has become one of the most popular place to visit in East Java Province. The area is home to the Tengger Tribe, a Javanese ethnic group primarily identifies as Hindu.

Probolinggo-based underground event collective Milisi Hitam will organize Mountain Rock Party on Sunday, April 16, 2017 at  Pendopo Agung Area Ngadisari, district Sukapura, Probolinggo Regency. Ngadisari village is the last stop before the ascend of Mount Bromo, and the main entrance of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

The show was originally scheduled to take place on March 12, 2017, but was delayed for a month due to the authority order to not organize any shindig during the observance of Tenggerese Hindu’s Nyepi, a day of silence to commemorate the Saka New Year.

Fourteen agile and red-blooded rock music acts are scheduled to perform under the mild weather of Ngadisari. The climate in the village is considered cold to Indonesian, with average temperature is 13 degree Celsius.  Ngadisari lies in altitude of 1,950 meters above sea level.

Jakarta-based one-man death metal band MENSTRUAL DISCONSUMED and Malang’s blackened death metal unit MISANTHROPIC IMPERIUM will headline the show. Menstrual Disconsumed is in tour to support its 2016 debut Consuming the Infinite Rancidity. Misanthropic Imperium will showcase materials from its upcoming debut Cawan Amarah.

Ariv from Milisi Hitam in his interview with claimed the Mountain Rock Party is the first rock/metal festival in Mount Bromo area.

The idea behind the show came from Tylun (Fear Epidemic/ Kapak Merah) who suggested a private rock gig in Bromo. Ariv then posted the idea in his Facebook wall. The status drew positive response from many fellow musicians and music enthusiasts.

Ariv, an artworker of Tenggerese-origin told Milisi Hitam was founded in November 2016. Its members comes from the Probolinggo existing underground communities i.e. Probolinggo Black Metal Legion, Probolinggo Metalhead Circle, Sanisvara, etc. Milisi Logam is an Indonesian translation of Metal Militia, a Metallica’s 1983 tune.

The Milisi Logam’s members involves in organizing some local gig franchises such as The Probolinggo Metal Fest, Probolinggo Noise Aggression, Brothers in Arms, Metal Sampek Matek and Probolinggo Black Fest.

The English Literature and Philosophy student of Panca Marga University expects the event can complete its jazz counterpart: the well-established Jazz Gunung, an annual jazz festival since 2009.

2017 Mountain Rock Part’s theme is hura-hura sambil berbagi or charity while having fun.  Some part of its profits will be donated to orphans around Probolinggo.  

Mountain Rock Party


MENSTRUAL DISCONSUMED (Jakarta, One-man Death Metal)
MISANTHROPIC IMPERIUM (Malang, Blackened Death Metal)
(Probolinggo, Black Metal)
(Probolinggo, Death Metal)
(Lumajang, Black Metal)
(Pandaan, Grunge)
(Mojokerto, Death Metal)
(Malang, Grindcore)
(Probolinggo, Punk)
(Probolinggo, D’beat Punk)
(Malang, MedicalGore)
(Probolinggo, Folk Grunge)
(Probolinggo, Punk)
(Probolinggo, BlackMetal)

Early bird ticket is available for IDR 10K (excluded the National Park fee admission), while normal price is IDR 20K. For further information about the show you may contact Ariv NK at 085546683335 and BBM D74742CA, or Tylun at 082233840715 or BBM EE1BE34.

This show is sponsored by  Kedai Sore (Jember ), Teriak Merch (Jember), Vulgar Mini underground store, Sukapura Cell, Poisonium Screen Printing and RivArtwork.

Mountain Rock Party is supported by  Balai Besar Bromo Tengger Semeru, Front Ugal Conspiracy, Sanisvara UKM Seni Probolinggo, Graha StreetCrew, Probolinggo Metalheads Circle, Tengger Metalhead Division, Nyambex Crew, Warung Kopi Gindi, Warung Kopi agoes Speed, Z Coffe Crew, Kedai Kopi Si Unyil, Zufarg Art, Amora Shop, Pethelan Triple Six, Bromo Lovers, Probolinggo Art Conspiracy, The Flyover, Paztel Militia, Vaporizer Probolinggo, and Rumah Sastra Gandes.

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