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Necrotized is an Indonesian brutal death metal act from Blitar, East Java. Founded in August 2013 by Anjar Herlambang and Addy Prasetya, both were guitarist and bassist/frontman of Intestinal Dissection  (previously Intestinal Entrailment), respectively.

Intestinal Entrailment was founded in 2011 as a side project and playing slamming death metal. With formation consisted of Anjar (guitars, ex-Fatal System), Addy (bass), Hendrix Eka Prasetya (drums) and Cepit (vocals), the latter three musicians were from Tragedi Kereta Jenazah, the quartet released EP Gumpalan Darah that year.

In 2012, the band changed its name to Internal Dissection. Anjar and Addy were unsatisfied with their project concept and disbanded Internal Dissection in mid 2013.

The twosome then set up a new project titled Necrotized and recruited bassist Arindra Prasetyo from thrash metal act Braindrilled. Hendrix from previous project was employed as additional drummer. Addy then fronted the newborn brutal death metal band Necrotized.

The band logo was officially published in Facebook on December 2, 2013. Necrotized began their ambitious goal to have an album and started the songwriting. Extremenation #1 in Blitar on May 25, 2014 became their maiden gig, brought previous works with Internal Entrailment.

The trio entered Hellstreet Record in Novermber 2014 to record their two first singles. The studi0’s in-house engineer Valdi recorded and mixed both tracks.

First single Suffering Distribution was introduced on November 24, 2014 at the band’s YouTube channel and Reverbnation, followed by single Stillbleed on December 2. Both songs were written by Anjar, with lyrics by Adi and Arindra. Later they were compiled in a promotional CD titled Promo 2015, released in January 2015.

The promotional CD drew Disembowel Records attention. The well-established Tangerang-based independent label penned a deal with Necrotized. On May 13, 2015 the record label announced about the signing.

Apocalypse Conception

Necrotized started to record new materials for upcoming debut album. Anjar composed all tracks with lyrics from Adi and Arindra. They entered Hellrecord Studio once again in mid 2015, but having technical trouble that pushed them to to restart the recording session all over again. They moved to Merapi Record Studio, Blitar in March 2017.

The recording session was engineered by Franki and Kampes.

On April 20, Disembowel Records revealed Necrotized’s future debut album would be titled Apocalypse Conception, featuring Robbert Kok (Disavowed, Netherland), Angel Ochoa (Cephalotripsy/ Disgorge, USA) and Lorenzo Orrù (Natrium, Italy). Robbert Kok will master the album at AudioVisualz, Amsterdam.

A preview of new track Gateways to Pestilence featuring Angel Ochoa was released on the same day. There was no certain date mentioned about the release.

Bassist Arindra told the album cover is designed by Aghy Parakusuma.


Arindra disclosed the name came from a disease named necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh-eating disease, that caused by an infection that results in the death of the body’s soft tissue.

He cited Pyaemia, Disgorge, Inveracity, etc as the band’s main influence.


Anjar Herlambang – guitars (2013 – present)
Addy Prasetya – vocals (2013 – present)
Arindra Prasetyo – bass (2013 – present)

Hendrix Eka Prasetya – additional drums


2011 – Gumpalan Darah (as Intestinal Entrailment, self-released)
2015 – Promo 2015 (self-released)
2017 – Apocalypse Conception (Disembowel Records, Tangerang)


Facebook: Necrotized
Twitter: @necrotized_iddm
Instagram: @Necrotized_in
Youtube: Necrotized
Reverbnation: Necrotized
Booking: +62 89677077075


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