NOT JUST NOISE: Line-up Profiles Part 1

GMA presents NOT JUST NOISE features BandaAcehnian  top metal/hardcore bands. Check some of them below:



Unsatisfied with their previous band, Tine (guitar) and Kake (vocal) left Bloody Revenge and  formed a new band named Unsatisfactory in September 2011. They invited Reja (guitar 2),  Arya (drums) and Sancep (bass) to join, fulfilling their keen in playing melodic death metal genre.

The now self-managed band has published three singles in (the link is HERE) which lyrics telling about the reality of life and the invasion of demons into gods.

Front-man Kake told us how happy he was, imagining he would play in this new gig, since Banda Aceh is lack of similar gig.

“Aceh musicians should support each other!” added Kake ending the interview.




The band whose name means “death sentence” was formed in August 2011 by Dopan (bass), Opal (vocal) and Wada (drums).  Robby (guitar) and Gerry (guitar) joined later, and changed the band style from Metalcore to Deathcore.

The five-piece band has already published a song in (link is HERE) titled Wealth and Taste.

Asking about the band’s motto, Dopan answered:  “We want to be the best in Indonesia music scene!”

Vonis Mati will showcase their spectacular action in GMA presents NOT JUST NOISE.



Mesa Boogie

Inspired by Randall Smith’s amplification brand, Mesa Boogie was formed in 2010 by Caca (guitar), Iqbal (percussions), Bagus (bass), Marley (turn tables), Robby (drums), and Mufid (vocal). The band was known as a Slipknot cover band until became dormant in 2011.

Caca reformed the band in October 2012 with Robby, Ryan (bass) and Rachmad Maggot (vocal). The now four-piece Mesa Boogie continues playing Nu Metal.



children for yerussalem

Angered by watching the massive media coverage of Israeli persecution of Palestinian in Jerusalem,  former Nyam-Nyam Cheese front man – Reza formed a new band named Children For Yerussalem in November 2012. He dedicated this very band to speak out the injustice reaction of world leading countries upon the Israeli oppression of the Palestinian.

CFY is consisted of Reza (vocal), Lutfi Batak (bass/ex Destroyer) and Obon (drums/ ex Dark Future) and plays melodic deathcore as their major genre. For guitars section, the band is supported by Fahrul Kodok and Jeffry.



It was Datok Brutal, former The Bangsat Jahat vocalist, proposed the name for his new band to another founders Wahyu (guitars) and Rudy (bass) in 2011. Collim (guitar) and Yasir (drums) joined Kali Mati later.

Influenced by world famous death metal lords (i.e Funeral Inception, Death Vomit, Suffocation and Forgotten), the band has been wandering from one gig to another in Banda Aceh metal scenes.

Datok, whom actives in GMA, told us about the needs to set up a monthly gig to accommodate the Banda Aceh metalheads’ massive energy, then transforming it into some positive ones.

“For sure, the gig won’t be suitable for the elderlies!”



die violence

Starting as a metalcore band, Die Violence then turned into one of the most epic melodic death metal bands in Banda Aceh. The band has been bossing almost all moshing pits crowds in Banda Aceh since they formed it  in 7 October 2010.

The band replaced their original vocalist Herman with Ryan in 2012 and current lineup is consisted of Ryan (vocal), Wiria (lead guitar), Monok (rhythm guitar), Ery (bass) and Gusty (drums). Gusty is the only high school student in this band now.

Check their Reverbnation single Instigator HERE.




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