Purbalingga to observe Panusupan Metal Festival #3

Artikel mengenai event ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Panusupan Metal Festival #3 dihelat akhir Juni ini

According to current data, over 150 thousand tourist per annum visiting Panusupan Village, thank to its gifted location which owns beautiful scenic mountain view of Mount Slamet, and the people, who motivated to develop their village into a tourism magnet.

Panusupan used to be just a farming village in Rembang district, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java, but now tourism sector becomes a pivotal component of its economy.

Not only tourism has been developed in Panusupan, the underground movement thrives significantly too. Since January 2015, the local underground society, The Panusupan Metal Grilya owns an annual metal festival. The first installment of Panusupan Metal Festival was held during the launch party of new tourism object Wanatirta waterfall and outbound place.

This year, Panusupan Metal Grilya teams up with Left Strings Extreme Wear will hold Panusupan Metal Festival #3 on June 27, featuring 21 metal bands. Local fame Amaterasu and Bogor-based brutal death metal band Expendiency are scheduled to headline the metal fest.

Purbalingga-based Gothic metal band Amaterasu enjoys positive approval from fans and metal music enthusiasts for its self-produced debut full-length album Pemberi Cahaya, released on July 9, 2016 during the Panusupan Meta Fest #2. A series of tour dates was set up to promote the debut, started from November 2016 and ended in February this year.

Amaterasu’s current formation consists of Nova Utama (guitars), Zayt (guitars), Andrie Bugel (bass),  Yan (drums), Rinto (keyboards) and Rere (vocals).

To promote their debut full-length Sadistic Murder, released on February 20, 2017, the Extreme Souls Production’s roster Expendiency has been scheduled a tour titled Sadistic Tour 2017.

Sadistic Tour 2017 current dates consist of the band’s engagements at Tangerang Brutality 2 (4/16), Timur Menghitam (Bogor, 4/30), RPM Death Fest (Yogyakarta, 5/12), Lampung Timur Menghitam (5/14), Lakbok Bergetar (Ciamis, 7/1), Panusupan Metal Festival #3 (6/27) and Groupies Death Fest 3 (Bandung, 7/8). Its official fan page said more dates to be announced.

The brutal death metal trio Expendiency was formed in 2010, prolonging the life of now-defunct Ending Truth. The founding member and sole survivor Aditiya Ramdhan has been switching his gears three times since its inception. Starting from vocal, then bass, and firmed in guitar position since 2013.

Aditya is currently accompanied by Rizki Darmawan (vocals) and Katon Gilang Ramadhan (drums).

Bandung-based death metal act GUZARAT just finished their first leg of tour dates consisted of 10 cities in Java starting from March 2017, to promote first single Fakta Durhaka, released on March 5, 2017. Upcoming schedule is included performing in Purbalingga and Madiun, and more dates to be announced.

In recent interview, bassist Dody revealed the band yet finished three songs for their upcoming debut, planned to be published by Dody’s label Hellpark Merch.

GUZARAT was founded on August 29, 2014 in Bandung, by guitarist Axtory (ex-Manial, Asmodius, Sakral) with fellow singer Joe Zion (ex- Satura, Erote, Palias), bassist Dody (ex-Exorcise, Pusara, Mummy) and drummer Pupung (ex-F.O.A, Noise Blast, Siti Jennar). The quartet hangs out at Denis Studio, Jalan Pagar Asih, Bandung.


Nova Utama a.k.a Kecol from Panusupan Metal Grilya spoke with www.Musik.or.id about the show. He said the event series was held for the first time on January 25, 2015 in Wanatirta Waterfall during the opening of then new tourist attraction.

The second installment was organized at Soccer Field Panusupan on July 9, a year later. Nova’s band Amaterasu launched debut studio album Pemberi Cahaya at the very gig.

Panusupan Metal Grilya was founded in the end of  2014 by the local extreme music aficionados. Besides organizing gigs, the society involves in local social cause such as blood donation and active in setting gathering to strengthen the bonding between its members.

Nova added this year’s theme “Forgive, Forgave, Forgiven” means the metal fest is designed to be a place to celebrate Hari Raya Idul Fitri with the society members, and traditionally the festive is destined as a moment to ask forgiveness from family, related and friends.

Along with Amaterasu, Nova will play with his side project brutal death metal duo Psychotomy (co-founded with frontman Pungkas) who just released single Putrefaction Intestines Spilled last March.



AMATERASU (Purbalingga)
GUZARAT (Bandung)
NISTA (Banjarnegara)
LATAHZAN (Purbalingga)
TOTAL DAMAGE (Borobudur)
STEFANIA (Cilacap)
PSYCHOTOMY (Purbalingga)
EJAKULASI (Purwokerto)
LUCIFER (Cilacap)
D’RIDE (Banjarnegara)
EVIL CRUELTY (Purbalingga)
HOLY REBEL (Purbalingga)
DIE FOR GOD (Purbalingga)
PION SQUAD (Purbalingga)
MESUMPHOMIA (Purbalingga)

Ticket is available for IDR 25K and official t-shirt+tix can be purchased for IDR 110K.

For further information about the festival, Nova is reachable at 082242422448 or BBM D53A854E.

The Panusupan Metal Festival #3 is supported by Purbalingga Underground Community, Purbalingga Brutality, Sacrifice Production, BMG Management, Stabelan Corpse Grinder, Rembang Corpse Grinder, Padepokan Suluk Linglung, Kiss Merch and Sanga Production.


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