Pasuruan Bising 2017: Beast from East

Following the overwhelming success of last year’s premiere and the huge demand for this year, event management Soro-Soro Bareng decided to hold the second Pasuruan Bising metal festival. This time, The Pasuruan Bising 2017 will be held on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at Yonzipur 10 Hall, Jalan Balaikota Pasuruan, right in front of Pasuruan Parliament and SMK PGRI 2.

This year’s theme is Beast from East.

The metal fest is scheduled to vomit twenty metal and hardcore bands, with Bandung-based death metal unit Saffar and Jember brutalist Reduced as top of the bill. Pasuruan-based death metal unit Hyperteroid will launch their debut EP Rotten Brain Theory on the occasion. Fellow local bands black metallers Penduso and death metallers Hysteroctomy will use the chance to promote their last works i.e. promotional CD Song From Hell and promotional CD Saladin, respectively.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapt dibaca di tautan berikut: Saffar dan Reduced jadi headliner di Pasuruan Bising 2017

Bandung-based death metal unit Saffar will feature new formation in Pasuruan Bising 2017. Since the departure of bassist Ramon early this year, Bloodgush’s bassist Evan was recruited and joined the band. Evan was introduced on March 25, 2017 on the band’s Facebook page.

Saffar was founded by guitarist Gilang in 2007. After several line up changing, the band released its high-acclaimed full-length debut Mandatory El Arshy on September 9, 2013 through Extreme Souls Production.

Latest formation consists of Gilang (guitars/vocals), Evan (bass) and Iyenk (drums).

Brutal death metal act Reduced from Jember is pushing themselves to the limit, to finish their second full-length album. The band will stop to be on the road after the Pasuruan Bising 2017, to focus on sophomore album, Facebook said on July 4.

Reduced was formed in March 2013 in Jember by Bagus Putra (vocals), Rony (guitars), and Pipit (drums). Rony then quit and replaced by Ipung Awarif. Bassist Jabrik joined later and this dream formation recorded the bands first album.

California-based New Standard Elite released their debut studio album Gradually Executed in 2015.

Last known line up comprises Bagus Putra (vocals), Ipung Awarif (guitars) and Jabrik (bass).


Last year, Soro Soro Bareng organized Pasuruan Bising: Sound of Monster, on August 28 at Gedung PDI Perjuangan, Pasuruan. Vomiting 27 bands, with Bandung-based death metal band Guttural Disease as its headliner.


SAFFAR (Bandung, death metal)
REDUCED (Jember, brutal death metal)
HYPERTEROID (Pasuruan, death metal) Launching Ep Album “Rotten Brain Theory”
PENDUSO (Pasuruan, black metal) Promo 2017 “Song From Hell”
HYSTEROCTOMY (Pasuruan, death metal) Promo 2017 “Saladin”
BERANTAI (Pasuruan, Technical death metal)
PREDATOR (Malang, oldschoolgGrindcore)
INTRACRANIAL PARASITE (Malang, slamming brutal death metal)
GOREGATORY (Purwodadi, death metal)
SADISTIC EMBODIMENT (Kediri, death metal)
KERANGKA (Pasuruan, death metal)
NEFILIM (Mojokerto, deathcore)
URET (Mojokerto, death metal)
MUNITIONS OF WAR (Mojokerto, hardcore)
APATHIES (Pasuruan, hardcore)
COOL DOWN (Pasuruan, hardcore)
INTRACEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE (Pasuruan, slamming guttural)
OFTRINGEN (Pasuruan, black metal)
VIRGIN CORPSE (Pasuruan, death metal)
FACE OFF (Pasuruan, death metal)

Ticket is available for IDR 20K each. The organizer provides hotline number for any inquiry about the show here: Anam (082245891038/ D31D5AB3), Kamali (0895600828462/ D22F16FE)

This event is supported by Ultimate Brutality, Warblood, Pasuruan Under Division, Aris13_art, Clickle Store, Jnc Sablon, Invasion Rival, Brother Hope, Pasukan Nggacor, Indonesian Underground.


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