Desecravity to headline Path of Raising 3

To commemorate the 136th anniversary of Balaraja District, the Balaraja Metalhead Community holds the third installment of its flagship event series Path Of Raising this Saturday.

Path of Raising 3 will be organized at Balaraja Soccerfield, Tangerang Regency on May 6, 2017, starting from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Japanese technical death metal act Desecravity is scheduled to headline the show and share the stage with other twelve dangerous local bands.

Desecravity is on its 2017 tour comprises 11 dates starting from Tokyo and ended in Kolkata, India. The tour marks the 10th anniversary of the Tokyo-based Japanizu Desu Metaru Bando.

In Indonesia, the Japs will play in Balaraja on May 6, and at Hammersonic Jakarta, the largest metal festival in South East Asia to date, on May 7.

Since its inception in 2007, the band has released two albums Implicit Obedience (2012) and Orphic Signs (2014).

Desecravity now consists of Yuichi Kudo (drums), Yujiro Suzuki (vocals), Daisuke Ichiboshi (bass) and Yuya Takeda (guitars).

Bozeka from Balaraja Metalhead Colony shared stories about the society and its events. He said the community was formed in 2009 by him, Retoy and Rio.

To date, BMC has organized 3 series of Balaraja Panik, Balaraja Distorsi, and 2 series of Path of Raising.

BMC also conducted some social activities such as supporting mosques with tithes.

Owner of Bozeka Merch said the Path of Raising was held for the first time in June 2011, followed by the second installment a year after.

The event series aim to strengthen the kinship among Balaraja metalheads.


DESECRAVITY (Tokyo, Japan)
JD.AL-DAER (Balaraja)
HORDESH (Balaraja)
INFITHOR (Balaraja)
KURAWA (Cisoka)
WAMF (Balaraja)
THRIVE (Cisoka)
MAHESA (Tangerang)
LADY DIE (Jakarta)

The event is free and open to public. For further information, the organizer can be reached at 082298763632.

The Path of Raising 3 is supported by Disembowel Records, Boozeka Merch, Willotip Records, Rottrevore Records, Extreme Soul Production, Diehard, Marmore Ink, Metal Gear, Kujang Keris Distro, Negative Merch, Basa Basi Busuk, Lima Management, Zavas Syndicate, Groupies Merch, Hadeath, Raja Oling, 24 Music Studio, Shelter 13, KMP, The Shopomet Show, Don’t Judge, Tangerang Youth Fest, Select Indonesia, Warawiri Fotografi, Drakside, Refused Brutal Stuff, Alung Medan 86, Drop-D Cloth, Kian Santang Merch, Bangkawarah Merch, Story Day, and Bizzar Sound.


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