Pemalang Metal Troops present Metamorfest #3

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The citizen of Pemalang metal realm will witness the third edition of Metamorfest, an underground gig series belongs to Pemalang Metal Troops. The gig will take place on June 28, 2017 at Gor Garuda Mas, Randudongkal, Pemalang Regency, Central Java.

Twenty four extremely fast and thundering metal acts will share the stage, featuring Saffar (Bandung), Disgusting Castigation (Tangerang), Distempered (Karawang), Gore Animal (Tangerang), Triturans (Indramayu) and Putridfacdity (Samarinda), as the gig’s  headliners.

Bandung-based death metal unit Saffar will feature new formation in Metamorfest 3. Since the departure of bassist Ramon early this year, Bloodgush’s bassist Evan was recruited and joined the band. Evan was introduced on March 25, 2017 in the band’s Facebook page.

Saffar was founded by guitarist Gilang in 2007. After several line up changing, the band released its high-acclaimed full-length debut Mandatory El Arshy on September 9, 2013 through Extreme Souls Production.

Latest formation consists of Gilang (guitars/vocals), Evan (bass) and Iyenk (drums).

The Disgusting Castigation duo will promote brutal tracks from their brutal debut Perpetual Carve On Manifest Torture which just released on April 16, 2017 at Tangerang Brutality 2, a metal fest owned by Nanda Z Bastian, the band founder and guitarist.

Frontman of Germinativum and Imperforata, Fajar, will sing with the band as guest vocalist. Disgusting Castigation has lost frontman Petrus Naibaho last February due to his previous commitment with Oscuro, another Tangerang-based death metal act. Petrus’ departure had made Nanda took his parts during the debut recording sessions.

The band was founded in 2015 and now consists of Nanda (guitars/vocals) and Arga Haryanto (drums).

Karawang-based brutal death metal quartet Distempered has inked a deal on March 22 this year with Brutal Mind Records to release their upcoming debut EP Psychological Torture, sometime in August 2017.

The band was founded in December 2015 by Arie (vocals), Omponk (guitars), Helm (bass), and Rifal (drums).

Gore Animal is a death metal veteran from Ciledug, Tangerang. Established in 1996 by the late Aziz Kupak (vocals), Kepun (guitars), Abbi (bass, see Atrocious), and Yanto (drums). There is no original members in the latest line up, since the last survived co-founder Aziz demised in 2004.

Guitarist Andry Garcia who joined the last Aziz’s Gore Animal formation, re-established the band in 2015 with Nior (drums). Drop’s bassist Raden Aces joined a year later. The band employs Kuple from Embryllium as their current frontman.

Gore Animal has released a promotional CD in 2015 and been working for future full-length album.

Full-length debut Threat of Life is a trophy for Triturans‘ years of laborious working. The Indramayu-based thrash metal unit is now enjoying a cult of following. The debut was released on January 13, 2016, consists of 9 heavy tracks.

With frontman Challus Riyadi as the band epicentrum, please never underestimate the rest who are also giving significant roles to maintain Triturans in a right path. Founded in 2012 as Traitor by Challus, the band now comprises Challus (vocals), Engkong Furqon (guitars), Anyoenk Ajat (guitars), Guru Ade (bass), and Torry Ayex (drums).

Samarinda-based brutal death metal act Putridfacdity lists 7 dates in Java Island promo tour to promote EP Carnivorous starting from Metamorfest 3. The full dates are Metamorfest 3 (Pemalang, June 28), Shockfest (Pekalongan, June 29), Rock Infection (Purbalingga, July 1), Mbangun Desa #8 (Batang, July 2), Madiun Super Squad (Madiun, July 8), Lamongan Bawah tanah #1 (Lamongan, July 9), Banyuwangi Death Fest (Banyuwangi, July 16). Back to Samarinda, the band will headline Extreme Aggression 3 on August 8.

EP Carnivorous was released on April 29 this year containing five brutal and aggressive tracks.

Putridfacdity‘s latest line up consists of Keceng (drums), Alus (guitars), Rizki (guitars), and Herman (vocals). 

Pemalang-based brutal death metal act Amborsine drew metal enthusiasts’ attention when releasing debut EP Born to Fucking Slam on April 19, 2016. Five brutal tracks in the EP secured them a deal with Bekasi-based label company Limited Blasting Production to release future upcoming full-length.

The band is working on its upcoming full-length album presumably titled Torture to Pleasure, which appears in a teaser video for new single titled Destroying Abdominal With Savagery, published on April 25 this year.

Amborsine was formed in 2013 by Evhanz (bass), Kiki (drums), Aly (guitars), and Ahong (vocals).


Usman Aly from Pemalang Metal Troops in his interview with spoke about the gig and the society. He said the gig was the brainchild of fellow Opick, who organized the first show on July 25, 2015 at Gor Vega Radudongkal. Opick then gathered the metal musicians and fans around Pemalang, and set up a new society dubbed Pemalang Metal Troops.

The second installment was held on July 9, 2016 at GOR Garuda Mas featuring Asphyxiate (Bekasi) and Guttural Disease (Bandung).

Aly who plays guitars for the brutal death metal act Amborsine added the Metamorfest gig series aim to strengthen the relationship among the metalheads and also aim to observe Eid al-Fitr holiday as a “halal-bihalal” or feast since it is always organized after Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Tangerang-based famous metal concert emcee Abuk Yangan will host the show.


SAFFAR (Bandung)
GORE ANIMAL (Tangerang)
AMBORSINE (Pemalang)
OBVIOUS (Pemalang)
TRITURANS (Indramayu)
POOL OF BLOOD (Pemalang)
ANGELIUS (Pemalang)
NEPOTIS (Pemalang)
DEVIOUSED (Pemalang)
NTK (Pemalang)
ANKER (Bumiayu)
SLAVES DICK (Pemalang)
VICTORY SAD (Pemalang)

Early bird ticket is available for IDR 25K and on the spot ticket for IDR 35K. For further inquiry about the show, you may contact Aly Amborsine at 089652477634 and Kuple Embryllium at 087774074902.

The Metamorfest 3 is supported by Pemalang Selatan Brutal Slam, Jatingarang Bawah Tanah, Kian Santang Distro, Disgusting Record, Ramset Merch, Dukuh Tengah Gemlidig, Es Teh Metal, Grind Riders, and Vintage Merch.


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