Pemalang Underground presents METAL PANTURA BERSATU VII


A biannual metal gig in northern Java region METAL PANTURA BERSATU will be brought again this February. The Pemalang Underground will hold the seventh installment on 5 February 2017 at Obyek Wisata Widuri Pemalang. It will be the second issue organized by Pemalang Underground, since its birth in 2016.

Fourteen bands are listed in a transient roster published by the organizer. Jakarta-based veteran thrash metal band THRASHLINE will headline the show. Another Jakarta’s thrash metal act DIRTY JOKES is scheduled to promote their debut EP Envy in the very gig.

Muhammad Muslim a.k.a. Gopenx from the Pemalang Underground spoke to about the gig. He said The METAL PANTURA BERSATU was the brainchild of himself, Khamdan Alayka and Pemalang’s famous Dalang: Ki Suryo Singo Carito. With fellow Karyudi, he co-founded GOBONG Organizer and held the first show on 27 October 2013 to commemorate the national observance Sumpah Pemuda Day. The next show was organized months later to celebrate the Pemalang Regency anniversary. The gig became biannual and has been remaining until today.

The Gobong Organizer maintained the METAL PANTURA BERSATU series until PEMALANG UNDERGROUND took  it over in 2016. Pemalang Underground was formed by Khamdan, Ary, Juna, Muslim and Eko Kombor on 27 March 2016. Then new society consisted existing music communities in Pemalang Regency.

Muslim who lives in Jakarta, also mentioned the main goals of MPB were to strengthen the brotherhood among the metal music enthusiast in Pantura region, and to offer a distinct metal gig by inserting Javanese traditional dances right before the headliner session as local heritage preservation initiative.


THRASHLINE (Jakarta, thrash metal)
BATU NISAN (Pemalang, Gothic metal)
DIRTY JOKES (Jakarta, thrash metal)
HELLJANATISH (Jakarta, brutal death metal)
F.O.D. (Jakarta, thrash metal)
RECALCITRANCE feat Ucok Dirty Edge (Jakarta, hardcore)
DIERUCTION (Pemalang, death metal)
KROMO INGGIL (Gresik, black metal)
FIRASAT (Comal, black metal)

MUTILATION OF HUMAN (Pemalang, slamming death metal)
MEGALITH (Pemalang, thrash metal)
CHIARAVERS (Brebes, slamming death metal)
DEMORALIZE (Pemalang, brutal death metal)
DROPPED DOWN (Pemalang, hardcore)



You can get limited early bird ticket for IDR 25K by contacting Muslim at 087777839047, and normal price for IDR 30K at the venue entrance.

This event is supported by Tapak Kedaton Pemalang, Padepokan Seni Ngesti Budoyo, Comal Underground, Pemalang Metalheds, Pemalang Corps Grinder, Jatingarang Bawah Tanah, Urban Squad Distro, and Helcastle Distro.


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