Phenomenal: the GMA’s Paramore Nite

by: Teuku Muttaqin Luthfan*


Phenomenal!” perhaps the only word I could have found to describe what  I’ve had the night Gabungan Musisi Aceh or Aceh Musician Forum [sic] presented Paramore Nite, such a tribute to American band Paramore. First impression that I’ve got was these Aceh musicians are consistent in bringing the idea of “do it yourself”. Never mind the sponsor or donator is coming or not, the show must go on.  I’ve witnessed and enjoyed all of the GMA’s events (I even had hosted some of their events e.g. Guitar Clinics, Bassists Day and A tribute to Slank in last December) and found a new spirit and improvement in last Saturday night.

More people involved and more audience was coming. It doesn’t take a genius to understand how this new organization becoming bigger and improved. A revolution is happening in Aceh music scene. Now, it’s easier than before finding a music show. Thanks to them for creating more gigs and music education/workshops for Aceh musicians, mostly for the junior ones.

Why Paramore? Why not “this”, or “that” band, whose achievement and experience better than the now trio from the United States? The answer was given to me last Friday night when I interviewed the musicians who were scheduled to play at that event, and, all of them whom sent by GMA were females!  In that my semi-talk show dubbed #LocalMovement, the idea behind the show was revealed. The concept is to give more appreciation and more space for Aceh female musicians and encourage others to wake up from their dormant.  Since the program (GMA Tribute) becomes regular, making “Paramore Nite” as a diva nite  is reasonable, for the role of Hayley Williams in the band is very dominant. Brilliant! For me it is!

I have enjoyed the rundown, the simple Haba Café stage, the crowds’ enthusiast, the hosts, the bands, and the atmosphere! Really, I wouldn’t have left the show until they said it’s over. The only obstacle was the infamous  Banda Aceh typical sudden rain, which stopped the gig twice,  until it eventually warped the show.

There were 6 bands that night. Starting from Goodbye Farro, a dedicated Paramore cover band whose singer Ami Soraya sang Looking Up, Careful and Decode respectively, the way Hayley Williams does.  The spectators began singing-a-long when the Twilight’s soundtrack Decode played. Big thumb for the band! Especially the band guitarist Rafi Apeng, who was appointed by GMA as the show ‘chef de cuisine’.  

Then next, Waeo Band came on stage and played Emergency, Crush Crush Crush and Let The Flames Begin. Her energic vocalist Rany set the night on fire. Another big thumb!

The hosts, comic Bayak Kusuma and guitarist Muttaqin Asyura called the next band to play: The Unbeliebers! a new side-project band for Ricky Sushu and Atja from the fabulous CapeTown band. The rain was starting to fall when they played When It Rains. Gosh! Speak of the devil and he shall appear …. was it a magic spell? I couldn’t stop smiling, Tya, the vocalist sang it beautifully. Then “Monster” was played by the band, followed by The Only Exception. The audience sang a along.. until the hosts came into the stage and stopped the show. The rain was getting heavier and the stage had to be covered.  So sad!

Harinoy played after 30 minutes break. With playlist consisted of  For a Pessimist  I’m Pretty Optimistic, Playing God, and Pressure, they made Haba Cafe attendants mesmerized by the attraction of guitarists Sahar and Erfan Rocha. Ha! Crazy! and… Mustika, the vocalist, would have broken any male audience’s heart. Her handsome face, hot moves and her beautiful voice reminded anybody to  Hayley Williams herself. Ma! I couldn’t help crying.. forgive me readers!

Before Tomorrow appeared on the stage. They started the show with “Ignorance“. Followed by “My Heart“, Finna Okta, the band’s singer -one of the sexiest female on earth- made the audience singing. Then, another sudden rain made the show stopped again. The stage crews were in hurry covering the stage again.

The last band, Rosemary didn’t have much luck. No chance the rain and wind could be stopped. I was sorry for them. The band singer looked pretty sad, and rest of the band were upset.

Well folks, I gave two thumbs up for the show, despite the rain “thing”. I enjoyed the concert, the band, and everything else involved. I pay a salute to GMA for their hard works and their determination. Keep on rockin’ mates! I can not wait to see your next event.

Photos by Luthfan

* Radio broadcaster, announcer.


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