KSBD to forge Ponorogo a Dangerous Small City

An underground alliance from Ponorogo Regency, Kita Semua Bersaudara (KSBD) will hold a new gig this Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Cinema Box, Jalan Sumenggolo, Ponorogo, East Java. The gig titled Dangerous Small City is the third event the alliance holds since its inception in 2014.

Seventeen dangerous band from Ponorogo and Kediri will rock at the very show, featuring Indonesian progressive death metal veteran Killharmonic. Ponorogo-based thrash metal unit Alligator will launch its debut mini album titled Penerus Bangsat Bangsa on the occasion.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Ponorogo semakin berbahaya dengan hadirnya Dangerous Small City

Early 2017 saw Kediri-based Kilharmonic release fourth full-length album, marked the 20 years of triumph in Indonesian metal music history. Armstretch Records’s catalog number ARM039 titled Hymn of the Apocalypse was released on March 1, 2017.  Guitarist Wisnu Arta Wardana’s creativity and undeniable genius bring Killharmonic to the next level.

Tracks from Hymn of the Apocalypse were on the band’s set list when performed at the most prestigious metal festival in South East Asia: Hammersonic 2017, on May 7.

Since its inception in 1997, Kilharmonic has released 4 studio albums Hatred Diminished in Dismembered Head (2000), Hate That Never Set (2002), Human Race Disgrace (2010), and Hymn of the Apocalypse (2017); and one EP Supressed Denied Controlled (2009).

Killharmonic’s recent formation consists of Wisnu (guitars), Bayu Widyatmoko (vocals), Deny Pandu Purwasanjaya (bass) and B-Lee (drummer).

Wisnu Arta Wardana (known under moniker Innu) is the only remaining founding member.

EP Penerus Bangsat Bangsa is a fruition of hard work, perseverance and determination for Alligator, thrash metal act from Ponorogo. Founded in 2012 as a metalcore band by Bery (vocals), Ridwan (guitars), Diptya (guitars), Aldira (drums), and Ainur (bass). The band changed its musical direction to play more into thrash metal music in 2014.

The band recorded material for the EP at Senopati Studio Malang.

Last formation comprises  Bery (vocals), Ridwan (guitars), Diptya (bass), Dhano (guitars), and Aldira (drums).

Another band who promoting its works at the gig is Orbital Element, a death metal act from Kediri. The band just released a promotional CD titled Demo 2017 on March 17, 2017. Killharmonic’s Innu is credited as drummer in the CD and Nganjuk-based Geggar Otak’s drummer Muhammad Avan mixed and mastered the whole tracks.

Founded in 2011 by former Al-Zalzalah’s guitarist Dodik Setia Budi, the band’s current line up consists of Dodik (guitars), Hangga (bass), Hermawan (guitars), and Humam (drums).


Musik.or.id conducted an interview with Muslikhin Syihabulloh from KSBD, who in charge at Dangerous Small City. He said KSBD is an alliance of some underground societies in Ponorogo. Founded in late 2014 by Ponorogo Thrash Metal Assault, Ponorogo Metal Army, Ponorogo Metal Syndicate, RTF Colony Ponorogo and Madiun Selatan Metal Colony.

To date, KSBD has held events such as Agresi Bawah Tanah (May 14, 2016 at Gedung Bakti Ponorogo) and Long Live Heavy Metal (December 24, 2016, at Cinema Box).

Syihab currently fronts a heavy metal band named Hellcid.





Tickets are available for IDR 15K (free cigarette) and IDR 40K (free cigarette + CD). For further information about the show, you may contact Syihab at  085234878781 (texting/WA) or BBMDA76B82C/ D6DBD9E4.

The Dangerous Small City is supported by Djarum Super, Aldira Playstation, Undying Project, Distrik 99, Evilside Works, Crown Screen Printing, Evolution (Madiun), Djawa Djawi (Madiun), Depot Pribadi II, Join Coffee
Atmosfear, Jakal Coffee, PTG Clothing, Gallery Pallone, Warung Hokya Hokya Hak’e, Benbenancom, Dapur Letter Magazine, and Musikeras.


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