AMENHOTEP is a deathcore act from Banda Aceh, formed in 2009 as Rise From Sorrow by founding members Ardi (guitars/vocals) and Tata (bass/vocals). Ardi asked his high school mate Pepe to join the newborn Rise From Sorrow as drummer. The band played thrash metal and metalcore music and covered bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for My Valentine.

Former Dark Future guitarist Prima was brought in 2010. The band changed its musical style and started to play deathcore massively.

A big line up changing was happened in 2011. Pepe left Rise From Sorrow for an undisclosed reason. Following Pepe’s departure, Ardi switched into drums, and Tata took over Ardi’s duty as the band’s main vocalist. Fajrul Ramadhan was recruited to fill the vacant bassist position.

The then-four-pieces Rise From Sorrow entered Inbox Studio to record their first single Terjerat Kesesatan. Eckie Kribo produced and engineered the tune.

A personal feud between founding member Tata and Prima in 2012 was frustrating other members. Tensions ran high and Prima distanced himself from the flock.  The band decided to sack Prima. Not only that, they agreed to disband Rise From Sorrow and creating a new band in early 2013. AMENHOTEP was chosen as the group’s new name.

The band members are fond of Ancient Egypt history. Bassist Fajrul citing that’s the main reason behind the band’s new name.  Amenhotep was the second pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. GMA’s Not Just Noise II was their first engagement as a new entity. Fajrul also stated that they’ve been working to produce a new demo by themself.

AMENHOTEP is heavily influenced by Chelsea Grin, As Blood Runs Black and Suicide Silence.

Since the guitar position is vacant, the band employs some additional guitarists helping them in live concert and recording. Some of them are Alul (Bengal), Arib Sotong (Carcass of Dog), Dopan (Vonis Mati) and Jerry (Poison System).

AMENHOTEP ’s current lineup

Tachtassara Zulkarnain – vocals
Fajrul Ramadhan – vocals, bass
Muhammad Ardhi Ananda – drums

Social Media

Facebook – AMENHOTEP 
Twitter – @Amenhotepband 
Reverbnation – AMENHOTEP 


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