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Audio Jahad
Audio Jahad at GMA’s Not Just Noise #1, 12th of March 2013

Banda Aceh metalcore/deathmetal band, Audio Jahad is preparing  a new material for the upcoming GMA’s Metal Compilation conducted an interview with its drummer Een Revolt about his band.

Formed in 2007, Audio Jahad started out as a side-project band for Bobby (vocal), Alul (guitars), Munzir (bass) and DJ Romy, and eventually become a full endeavor band for other musicians who joined later.

In the same year DJ Romy took over the band and reformed it by adding Vajil (vocal), Oda (guitars), Abud (drums) and some freelance bassists into their then line up. The band was playing Nu Metal until Romy and Abud left. Ex-Trotoar drummer, Een Revolt was called to fill Abud’s shoe in 2008. Audio Jahad then reborn and revamped its direction by playing metalcore and deathmetal. Ismet from Keran Aer is their official replacement singer whenever Vajil absent. Over last six years, Audio Jahad has been playing in some Aceh hi-profile metal gigs.

Q: Can you explain what Audio Jahad meaning is?

A: Oops! I don’t know. And I believe others don’t have any idea either about the band’s name meaning. But I think the name is very cool! It reminds me to Ogdru Jahad from Hellboy movie. Hahaha

Q: Tell me about the band history? What is the difference between the latest formation and the first formation of Audio Jahad?

A: What I know is:  Audio Jahad was intended to be Romy’s side-project band around 2007. He, Bobby, Alul and Munzir  played together in 2 or 3 events that year. While others returned to their own bands, Romy decided to reform Audio Jahad by employing Vajil and Oda. Then Romy resigned and left the band. He encouraged Oda to resume Audio Jahad, and he let us keep the name.  The first line up was a cover of some  Nu Metal bands. Today we play our own metalcore songs.

Q: Name some bands that influence Audio Jahad?

A: I believe all of us love to listen Chimaira, Mudvayne, Sepultura, Dying Fetus, etc.

Q: What is the band’s latest activity? 

A: We have been writing new songs for our future debut album. And now we are preparing a new material for the upcoming GMA’s Metal Compilation Album.

Q: Alright Een, Thanks for your time. 

A: No problem!

Audio Jahad’s latest line up:

Vajil Sick – Vocal
Oda – Guitars/Backing Vocal
All – Bass
Eend – Drums


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