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Banda Aceh-based thrash metal act CRONIC was established in 1999 by Casanova Studio‘s home personnel Adi Kiting (bassist, vocal) and Nindy Laura (drums). Hard Layer‘s guitarist/vocalist Bembenk joined the duo later,  and the trio started to play in some local band competitions. CRONIC stands for CReasi Orang uNIC (Unique people’s creation).

This lineup was short-lived, Nindy Laura was back to her original all-girl-band Catastrophe as its lead guitarist, and Bembenk was out to be focus in his thrash metal outfit Hard Layer.

Adi reformed CRONIC and switched to guitar. He recruited new members  Malki (vocals), Reza (drums), and Ajes (bass) in 2000. The band had new home when Adi founded Studio 77 in 2001. The studio was took placed in now-defunct Brawe Shopping Center.

2004 saw a big lost to CRONIC. A massive earthquake on 26 December 2004 created a huge tsunami and causing devastation in a half of Banda Aceh area, resulting deaths of thousand people, including CRONIC’s drummer Reza. The death of Reza left friends stunning and grieving. The band went on an undefined hiatus. Azes left Banda Aceh and worked abroad. 

Studio 77 was relocated to new building in Panteriek in 2007. Adi and Malki decided to reform CRONIC and started to employ new personnel. Drummer Maknu and bassist Iwan joined the band. The then-line-up recorded their first Ep Veranda of Mecca in 2008. The EP was produced by Moritza Thaher. In 2009, CRONIC was listed in Aceh Field Rebellion compilation album which was released by Extreme Corp Record and Fun Record (Medan)

The line-up lasted until 2010. Maknu left the band to pursue his career as a banker. Malki resided to his hometown Meulaboh, and Iwan departed to continue his studies in Bandung.  In the very year they joined  Muda Berpacu compilation album, released by MDC Record Jakarta.

During 2010 and 2011, the band was notable for having a constantly changing lineup. The musicians that were recruited as additional players consisted of drummers Aulia Gusti and Aluk; bassists Koncek, Radhi, Tebong,  Ricki, and Abas; guitarist Mbok and Benk-benk; and vocalist Candra.

In late of 2011 Adi prolonged the CRONIC by recruiting Omen (bass,vocals) and Fattah (drums). This final line-up enlisted in  SRIWIJAYA METAL COMPILATION #1 in 2013. CRONIC is preparing their 2014 upcoming full-length album, named Dimensi Berganti.

CRONIC’s biggest influences are Kreator, Sepultura, Napalm Death, Nirvana, Dying Fetus, etc.

CRONIC’s current lineup

ADI – vocals, guitars
Omen – vocals, bass
Fattah – drums

Social Media

Facebook – CRONIC
Reverbantion – Cronic77
Booking – 085260600377, Pin : 2A26DDF3, Omen : 081362562837


Veranda of Mecca (2008)

Compilation Album
Aceh Field Rebellion (2009)
 Muda Berpacu (2010)
Sriwijaya Metal Compilation #1 (2013)

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