DARK AUTHORITY | left-to right: Azwar, Amri, Mubarak

DARK AUTHORITY is a brutal death metal act from Ternate, North Maluku, Indonesia. Founded in 2011 by Ternate-based heavy metal veteran Secret Nite’s bassist Azwar Karim M. Saleh  as his death metal side project.

North Maluku is an archipelago of more than 1700’s islands and islets, which only 89 are permanently inhabited with around 1 million citizen. The islands province is famous for its own versions of pop and Latin music scenes. The underground music scene is not so well developed.

Ternate as the province’s capital city, has been become the epicentrum of extreme music expansion. But still, the number of musician who plays underground music is scarce, resulting lack of metal gig, vice versa.

It began in November 2011, when a local underground scene named TNT Metal head Community set plan for a new underground gig in March 2012. The new gig titled “Aggression of Sound” commenced band hunting to fulfill its minimum lineup requirement. Since there was not so many band plays metal music in Ternate, Azwar initiated to form a new one-gig-stand side project band to participate in the very show.

He recruited players from the gig’s participant bands. Female bassist Nurmila Muhammad joined from Hipster band subsequently, followed by drummer Amri Hayat (Kakarlak), guitarist Zainul Mubarak (Nicotine), and fellow Secret Nite’s guitarist Mudhy Kaaba. The Dark Authority was officially born on November 11, 2011 with Azwar as the band’s main vocalist.

The Dark Authority project then lingered on, moving from one gig to another. The band started to play their own death metal songs. Bassist Nurmila left the band in September 2014 to pursue her career in local District Attorney Office. Azwar took over the bass position.

Since their origin bands were inactive. Dark Authority became the main band for its members. During the dawn of a local metal gig AGGRESSION OF SOUND Part III in April 2016, Mudhy Kaaba departed due to his work commitment in a cigarette company, and focus in his wedding preparation.

In 2016, now-trio Dark Authority entered I’M Studio Entertainment Ternate to record songs for their upcoming album Bandit Berdasi. Three first songs were done in the end of 2016 and compiled in a demo album, released in January 8, 2017.  The album’s mixing and engineering were done by Moesz. M. Taher from I’M Studio.

Azwar in an interview with (March/2017) said he expects their full-length debut Bandit Berdasi will be finished sometime this year and hoping the album could catch the attention of promoters who organize prominent metal fests in Indonesia i.e. Hammersonic, Hellprint, Rock in Solo, Rock in Celebes, etc.

He mentioned Nile, Vital Remains and Visceral Bleeding as the band’s main influences.



Azwar Karim M. Saleh a.k.a War – vocals/bass (2011 – present)
M. Zainul Mubarak Kasim a.k.a Mubarck – guitars (2011 – present)
Amri Hayat a.k.a Army – drums (2011 – present)


Nurmila Muhammad – bass (2011 – 2014)
Mudhy Kaaba – guitars (2011 – 2016)


2017 – Demo 2016 (self-released)

Track list:
1. Bangsat Berdasi
2. Berhala Malam
3. Apatis Berkoloni


Facebook: Dark Authority
Youtube: Az War
Booking: Rizaldi Ahmad (085395312294/BBM 5e13206e) Azwar (081244444013)
Address: Taganane Clothing – Jl. Simpang Lima BTN Ternate, North Maluku


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