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Dirty Blood

Lhokseumawe-based Death Metal act Dirty Blood was founded in August 2011 by former Braincore’s frontman Darinza a.k.a. Ain.  The story started when Ain had parted his ways with Braincore due to creative differences with other band members.

Isa was recruited as their first original guitarist and brought another guitarist Wahyu to reinforce the then-newborn Dirty Blood. Aided by two temporary personnel Mursal (drums) and Fauzan (bass), the flock dispatched to Kuala Simpang to participate in Aceh Tamiang’s then-regular extreme gig Total Hitam #2 in September 2011.

Braincore’s drummer Adam was provoked to join the band, followed by Aan, a session bassist. The then-lineup was active in many gigs in Lhokseumawe. Unfortunately, Adam, who himself is a basketball player, was contracted by Laskar Basket Club kota Sabang. Although he had to reside to Pulau Weh, Adam is still listed as a full member.

“Adam is still a full member. We don’t mind to use additional drummer whenever he is not in Lhokseumawe.” said Darinza.

Darinza explained to about the main reason the band picked Dirty Blood as their name, since they believe nobody was “that” perfect and everyone must have something dirty in their life, as well as one’s blood.

Aan was sacked in 2012 due to some undisclosed internal feuds. Isa left the band soon after to focus on his study. Two members of fellow Lhokseumawe band More of Anger, Diwan (bass) and Hakim (guitar) then joined Dirty Blood.

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In 2013 Dirty Blood enters the studio to record some materials for their debut album. Yet five songs are wrapped up: Selimut Putih, Laknatnya Perbedaan, Infeksi Moral, Whisper, and Destroy Their Head. All five tunes could be listened in their Reverbnation account: DirtyBloodAceh.

Darinza cited Dirty Blood’s songs are telling about human depravities, debaucheries, racism, and things to remind people about the life after death. He also stated Abacinate, WTC, The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, Jasad, and Undergod as their biggest influences.

[reverb type=’allsongs’ aid=’2504444′]


Darinza – vocals

Wahyu – guitars

Hakim – guitars

Diwan – bass

Adam – drums


Facebook: Dirty-Blood

Twitter: @DirtyBlood_db

Reverbnation: DirtyBloodAceh


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