Hatenemy 2017 | left-to right: Adon, Nopri, Ryan

HATENEMY is a thrash metal band from Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Formed in 2010 by four young musicians Nur Romadhon (vocals), Nopri Wahyu Dinur (guitars), Yandi Septiyanur (drums) and Dahlan Jauhari (bass).

The four teenagers spent their time in the same hangout and frequently met in some gigs around Samarinda. They shared the same passion in thrash metal music and agreed to join force to form a new serious band. Although the boys have had their own bands, but subsequently left for the new-founded Hatenemy.

The band’s name is an amalgam of hate and enemy.

Hatenemy 2013 | left-to-right: Tyan, Nopri, Adon, Dahlan

The flock started to write their own materials. Nopri came with the initial musics, then the rest of band members contributing the lyrics and arrangements.


EP See You In Hell

Hatenemy entered Backstage Studio Samarinda in July 2012. Four songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Ari Rakha Wardana, the studio’s engineer. Nopri produced all the tracks. The recording session was finished in December 2012.

Their debut EP titled See You in Hell released independently in February 2014. The EP consisted of Agresi Kapitalis, Borneo, See You in Hell, and Why. 

Timbul Cahyono a.k.a Bvllmetal Art designed the band logo and did the cover art. Lay out was done by Nabil Shidiq and Arief Dom-Dom was credited for the album photography.

The EP gained a significant favor from metal music enthusiast in Samarinda and other cities. Hatenemy started to headline some gigs around its hometown.

In mid 2015, Hatenemy inked a deal with Jakarta-based independent record company Sickness Productions. The flock began to write new materials for next album, this time a full-length one.

Yandi parted ways with Hatenemy in June 2015 due to focus in nursing his father’s illness. Metalcore band Breath of Fate’s drummer Ryan Hamid was recruited to fill Yandi’s shoes in November 2015.

Hatenemy 2015 | left-to-right: Nopri, Dahlan, Adon, Ryan

Reign in Terror

Early 2016, the band commenced to work for their first full-length album. Unfortunately, bassist/co-founder Dahlan quit the band due to his commitment at work in April 2016.

They entered Enggang Borneo Studio in June 2016 to record vocals and drums. Guitars and bass recording were took place at the band’s own Paradise Studio. Nopri recorded the whole bass parts.

Like their previous EP, Nopri produced all tracks. The studio’s engineer Ludi Marcoes recorded, mixed and mastered 10 songs for the album titled Reign in Terror. Fellow Randy Kawilarang was employed to do some backing vocals.

Owner of Sickness Productions Ahmad Ally Andre revealed the Reign in Terror cover art on October 10, 2016 in his Instagram account. Timbul Cahyono once again worked for the band designing the cover art.

The recording session was finished in November 2016. Yogga Beges is credited for doing the layout.

Reign in Terror was officially released on April 10, 2017.

Track Listing

1. The Great Dictator Speech 02:55
2. Zyklon B 03:54
3. The Evil Empire 03:50
4. Night of the Long Knives 03:23
5. Alcohol Say Hello 03:36
6. Learn a Violence 02:15
7. Critical Government 03:39
8. The Citizen Liar 03:39
9. Hate Campaign 03:06
10. Kingdom of Rabiesm 03:49


In his interview with, frontman Nur Romadhon a.k.a Adon cited  Slayer, Kreator, Municipal Waste, Deicide, Behemot, Lost Society, Dust Bold, Havoc, Megadeth, and Cannibal Corpse as the Hatenemy’s main influences.

He said Hatenemy employs hardcore act Sparta’s bassist Chris Pratama as additional player when performing in a gig.

Along with Hatenemy, guitarist Nopri is active with another heavy metal band Valdam.




Nur Romadhon – vocals (2010 – present)
Nopri Wahyu Dinur – guitars (2010 – present)
Ryan Hamid – drums (2015 – present)


Dahlan Jauhari – bass (2010 – 2016)
Yandi Septiyanur – drums (2010 – 2015)


2014 – EP See You in Hell (self-released)
2017 – Reign in Terror (Sickness Productions, Jakarta)


Facebook: Hatenemy
Instagram: @Hatenemy.Thrash
Youtube: Hatenemy Thrash

Booking: 081250459557


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