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When four eminent Bandaacehnian extreme musicians gathered and forging a new band, the flock would draw much attention from the local metal scene. Former Saksi Bisu‘s frontman and bass player, Ais and Valent, met Daniel (guitar) and Avis (keyboard), forming a new band called Ilios, a Greek word for Sun.

“We want this band radiating its light across the universe. Like the sun!” Ais told about the band’s name philosophy. Ambitious, determination and self motivated are the best characters to become a superb musician.

Ais told about the idea of creating this new band: “We had to give up the Saksi Bisu’s name. As it was given by its former vocalist before me, he demanded to take it back. So be it! We decided to dissolve the band and created a new one in April 2013.”

Unfortunately not all of Saksi Bisu members wanted to join the new band.

“Pondeck doesn’t want to join as a full member of Ilios, but he will help us by playing as additional drummer until we find a permanent one.”

Daniel was a well-known metal guitarist from Lhokseumawe. He helps other members creating the group’s musical direction as a progressive death-metal band.

Check Ilios’ new song The Lady in Red by clicking this link:

[reverb type=’solosong’ aid=’3314111′ sid=’17324417′ photo=’1′]

Effing Great!

For booking and contact, find their manager Ifan Middle Finger at 0818-0981-2389. Ilios could be contacted by following their twitter account: @IliosOfficial and Facebook fanpage: Ilios.

Current members:

Ais – Throat

Valent – Bass

Daniel – Guitars

Avis – Keyboards

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