Interfectus | standing left-to-right: Putra, Ahmad Abidin, Fadly | sitting: Cece

INTERFECTUS is an Indonesian brutal death metal act formed in 2016 in Tangerang by MOREGARLIC’s frontman Afif Fadly. Fadly was solicitous to have a new death metal project differed to his grindcore band Moregarlic. He met former HATE CRUSH’s guitarist Rahmad Hidayat who then agreed to join force.

In searching of musicians to fulfill the initial lineup, Fadly placed ads in some Facebook groups in early 2016, but it did not get any serious return. Fellow Moregarlic band mate Putra FR (Dismorality, Madu dan Racun) then joined as the then-unnamed-yet-project’s drummer. The three agreed to adopt Fadly’s proposal INTERFECTUS as the band name in the middle of 2016.

Moregarlic’s bassist Sudaryana ak.a Cece joined the flock later, marked the band as Moregarlic plus Rahmad in death metal project. The new born Interfectus set a goal to make a debut and started to write their own songs.

While Fadly, Putra and Cece were busying them self in Moregarlic’s debut album recording session, Rahmad resigned in October 2016 due to his activities in work office. Ahmad Abidin from Tangerang-based Japanese rock style band YHURI joined subsequently. 

Moregarlic finished their debut “After Kids Sleep Grinkore” recording session in November 2016 (later released in January 2017 by Malaysia-based independent label Disagree Records). Interfectus commenced their own recording project in same A4 Recording Studio Tangerang. Three songs were recorded and wrapped up as a demo titled Ribonucleic Acid.

Ahmad Abidin and Putra were in charge to do the album producing, mixing and engineering. Illustrator Wahyu ‘Odhetz’ was employed to do the cover art, and the layout was designed by Cece. Injury Deepen’s guitarist Rama Lindung engraved the band logo and Human Impurity’s frontman Ahmad “Bheking” Fauzi did the album title logo.

Ribonucleic Acid demo was released in January 2017 and received positive review from Indonesian metal communities. The demo was caught the attention of Spanish independent label Pathologically Explicit Recordings. They secured a contract in February 2017 to release Interfectus’ upcoming full-length debut album.

Fadly stated to, Interfectus is influenced by Pyaemia, Disavowed, Deeds of Flesh and Inveracity.



Afif Fadly – vocals
Ahmad Abidin – guitars
Putra FR – drums
Sudaryana a.k.a Cece – bass


Rahmad Hidayat – guitars


2017 – Ribonucleic Acid (Demo)

Track list:
1. Ribonucleic Acid
2. Spewed Into Flesh
3. Gnawing Infection Ripping


Facebook: interfectusofficial
Instagram: interfectusofficial
Twitter: @interfectus_ID
Bandcamp: Interfectus
Reverbnation: Interfectus
Booking contact: +6283898835822
Address: A4 Recording Studio
Komp. Kunciran Mas Permai Blok K
Jln. Mahameru Raya No 47 B
Kunciran – Tangerang, Indonesia.


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