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Nagan Raya-based ethnic-metal act Kamoena was formed in February 2013 by three former members of No_Name BandRony (vocals), Yonk (guitars) and Jake (keyboard) decided to depart from their then-renowned band due to creative differences with other members.

“We didn’t leave the band. As a matter of fact, we abandoned it. I think we need more space to explore our talents and develop it,” Yonk said about the reason they left No_Name.

Yonk then explained about their new musical direction which is to blend Acehnese traditional elements with western metal music. Ronny’s voice type is so Acehnese typical with a thick accent, and he can switch it easily to screaming and growling if needed. They added three rapai’i (Acehnese kind of frame drum) players and a Seurune Kalee (Acehnese traditional reed instrument) player. Now,  Kamoena consists of  Ronny (vocals), Yonk (guitars),  Jake (keyboard),  Putra (bass),  Ajie (drum),  Joel (rapa’i),  Cut Lem (rapa’i), Amran (rapa’i) and Cut Ngoh (seurune kalee).

“We are influenced by Lamb of God, Dream Theater, Gary Moore, and a lot more. Also, from local music scene, Kande and Cupa Band give us big impact,” Yonk added.

Kamoena means We Exist from Acehnese words Kamoe (We) and Na (Exist).

The flock has been working to record their debut album since it’s inception. A single is scheduled to be released in Januari 2014 and a music video has been made to accompany it.

Read this article about interview with Yonk and Jake 

Check Kamoena’s Ingat Keu Matee behind the scene video HERE!

Video INgat Keu Matee

Social Media

Facebook fanpage: Kamoena

Twitter: @Kamoenaband

Reverbnation: Kamoenaband

Current Line-up

Ronny Syahputra – Lead vocals
Purna ‘Jake’ – Keyboards
Yonk – Guitars
Putra – Bass
Ajie – Drums
Cut Ngoh – Seurunee Kalee
Cut Lem – Rapa’i
Amran – Rapa’i
Joel – Rapai
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