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Inspired by groups such as Abacinate, Carnifex, the Black Dahlia Murder, Siksa Kubur and Dying Fetus, Bireun’s  KONTAMINASI JIWA was founded in March 2010 by Fuad (vocals, ex Eternal Chaos), Dedy (vocals), Airiel (guitar, still active in Noxious Syndrome as drummer), Ilham (guitar), Adji (bass) and Riza (drums, ex Kantong Kering).

Kontaminasi Jiwa  underwent several line-up changes before recorded their first demo Api Dalam Sekam. Ilham was sacked for unable to perform his commitment to the band, a decision that made Fuad took over the guitar section. Adji then departed and Fuad aversely ruled the bass position. The then formation participated in JATINANGOR DEATH METAL SQUADS COMPILATION #1, DIE OR STAND WITHOUT TREAD COMPILATION, PSYCHOTHERIUM COMPILATION #6, and AND METAL FOR ALL COMPILATION and marked their breakthrough to Aceh metal realms stardom.

Dedy left the band in 2011 for continuing his education and resided in another town. Fuad fills Dedy’s shoes and former Plank of Death bassist Muna joined the band.

Kontaminasi Jiwa has featured in some extreme gigs such as Lampahan Bersatu, Pajak Berisik #5 and #6, Kuala Simpang Total Hitam #1 and #2, Charity gig Peduli Banjir Tangse, Rhybuck Deathfest #2 Medan,  Aceh Bersatu, Banda Aceh Deathfest #1,  Sumatera Metalfest 2013 Padang, et cetera.

Fuad talks about the band’s latest activity in an interview with

“Kontaminasi Jiwa will resume in making its debut album. The Ramadan is coming, and we have plenty of time to do some new songs this month.  Hopefully the album will be wrapped in next six months. It’s very hard, though. Most of us are always busy and busy. I’ve been trying to finish my study in Agriculture Faculty – Malikussaleh University very soon. I’m in my fourth years. Others are more senior than me and have been struggling to finish theirs too.

“Well, it will sound like our previous four reverbnation singles. More into deathmetal darkcore or deathcore blackened. We love to play that kind of genres. We have influences from some deathmetal, deathmetal blackened, deathcore, and brutal deathcore bands. About the writing process, I can tell that all member of Kontaminasi Jiwa gather in jamming studio and jam some new riffs and collectively working on it. That’s why there is no single person credited as a sole songwriter. Everything is done together. We will hire Scream Studio Bireuen as our jamming studio in this Ramadan season.”

The forthcoming debut album will be named Hancurnya Bumi.

Kontaminasi Jiwa was deeply involved in a social cause “Busking for the Gayo Earthquake Victims” in Sunday, July 7 2013, a charity organized by Gabungan Musisi Aceh (GMA) Bireuen.


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