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MAGGOTS are Banda Aceh-based Nu Metal act, noted for their masks, and fusion of heavy metal and Acehnese traditional music.

Inspired by American’s  Slipknot,  some Acehnese metal musicians consisted of Erros (vocal), Catzho (vocal), Taufan (guitars), Rudy (guitars), Kaisar (bass), Aulia (percussion), GBhel (percussion) and Roy (drums), formed a band named MAGGOTS in 2001. The name was taken from the term that used to refer Slipknot fans.

Similar to Slipknot, the Maggots use percussion, pseudonyms, costumes and  masks. When it was started, they took part in some local music contests and won some. A mayor breakthrough came when they won a ticket to final stage of a national music contest FESTIVAL ROCK LOG ZHELEBOUR se-Indonesia, and representing Aceh Province to compete another 25 finalist in 2004 in Surabaya.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach the last stage. But Maggots  had shown the Indonesian rock music communities, Aceh had something to be proud of. On the final Stage in Surabaya, Deden and Fany replaced Taufan and Kaisar respectively.

December 26th, 2004 remarked the most lethal natural disaster in the world. Massive earthquake and tsunami affected Aceh.  Maggots involved in some social cause and charity concerts in 2005 for tsunami victims benefit. In the very year, they commenced to record their debut album which labeled Thanks to the World, and released a year later in cassette tape format. Eight tunes were recorded in the cassette:

  • Boring
  • Rekonstruksi bukan sampah
  • Meudame (Acehnese lyric)
  • Look at your self… What have you done
  • Thanks to the world
  • Bedebah
  • Broken mind
  • Ampoen (Acehnese lyric)

Thanks to the World album was produced by Adek Meuligoe and mastered by Ai Purgatory, and Jack a.k.a. Daniel replaced Deden and recorded guitars along with Rudy.

After some album promotion concerts were made, Maggots were put on hiatus due to almost every personnel were getting married, got jobs and residing to other towns.

Rudy stated to that he expects to have Maggots back to studio, to record a new album, sometime in 2014.


Error – Vocals
Catzho – Vocals
Rudy– Guitar
Jack– Guitar
Pany – Bass
Aulia – percussion
Surya – Sampler
Roy – Drums


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