MALTREAT DEAFEN is a death metal band from Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. Established in 2002 by now-defunct SARCASTIC’s guitarist and frontman, Niko Syanufanda and Andrey Sarcastic, respectively, and drummer Goree Murind.


The story begins when Niko and Andrey’s previous band SARCASTIC was dissolved. Niko subsequently started to found a new band. He met drummer Goree Murind who just quit his band BURNING GRAVE, since it had been inactive during the time. It was Goree who suggested Maltreat Deafen as the band’s name. The twosome asked Andrey to join the new-born MALTREAT DEAFEN.

The original lineup consisted of Niko (guitars), Andrey (vocals), and Goree (drums). Due to the personnel’s focus on their work activities and studies, Maltreat Deafen was put on hiatus in 2004.


The band was re-formed in 2010 when Niko met Goree again. To fill the vacant bass player position, they recruited M. Royhan Okronal from KONTAMINASI as additional bassist.

The quartet started to record and released their first singles Angry and Lepas Kendali in the very year. The recording session took place at Iptek Studio and Goree’s home studio.

Angry then listed in an underground compilation album Pyschoterium #1. Followed by Lepas Kendali in the sixth edition of Pyschoterium in 2011.

Andrey quit the band due to his commitment at work in 2012. Frontman Wawa from Jakarta-based symphonic metalcore act KILLFOR was employed to fill Andrey’s shoe. Wawa and Killfor just released their first album A Part of My Life when he joined Maltreat Deafen. The band announced Royhan Okronal has become a permanent member in the very year.

This new formation recorded single From Fire into Hatred which later put into compilation CD Sumatera Hellsound in 2013.

Wawa’s tenure in Maltreat Deafen was very short. He quit in 2013 to pursue his career in other sector. Wawa later resumed his vocal position in KILLFOR.


The band started to record new material for their debut album. They entered Kapuas Studio, Pekanbaru in December 2013. The need of a dedicated vocalist pushed them to scout new player.

FRENZIED’s frontman Donny Suiza answered the search and joined the flock in early 2014. They subsequently re-recorded all vocal tracks in their existing songs. A promo CD consisted of three songs was self-released on February 6, 2014.

The promo CD’s were sent to some record companies, and drew attention one of Indonesian eminent independent labels: Fresh Blood Management. March 2014 saw the band inked a deal with the label to release Maltreat Deafen’s upcoming debut.

Oki from Kapuas Studio engineered all tracks, while final mixing and mastering process were done by Cimay from 3AM Studio, Padang. Two songs from the Promo CD This Is Hell and Lepas Kendali were enclosed into the album but using the rough mix versions that were done by Abadi Erlangga from Abadi Studio, differed from the promo CD versions which were mixed and mastered by Cimay.

The recording session was wrapped up in April 2014.

Nine tracks were listed in the debut’s track list. Perpetual Ruination was chosen as the album title. Dony D. Novaz was in charged to design the art cover.

Perpetual Ruination was released on August 30, 2014 by Fresh Blood Management.

A launch party was thrown on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Gaja Hotel Pekan Baru. Fellow Pekanbaru metal bands Endocarditis, Parricidal, Koruporba, Marlon Brando and Jimjack paid a homage by playing in the party.

Lepas Kendali featured in 2016 compilation Sindikat Penjahat Riau: Lancang Kuning Ground, along with Endocarditis, Burning Grave, etc.

On September 7, 2016, the band uploaded a footage shows the pre-production process for the new album in its Facebook fan page.

Founding member/guitarist Niko Syanufanda confirmed to, said the band has been working on their sophomore album. There is no further information about the upcoming second album.



Donny Suizavocals (2014 – present)
Niko Syanufandaguitars (2002 – present)
M. Royhan Okronal – bass (2010 – 2012 as additional player, 2012 – present)
Goree Murinddrums (2002 – present)


Andrey Sarcastic – vocals (2002 – 2012)
Wawavocals (2012 – 2013)



2014 – Perpetual Ruination (Fresh Blood Management, Tangerang)


2010 – VA – Psychotherium #1 (Angry)
2011 – VA – Pyschotherium #6 (Lepas Kendali)
2013 – VA – Sumatera Hellsound (From Fire Into Hatred)
2016 – VA –  Sindikat Penjahat Riau “Lancang Kuning Ground”


Facebook: Maltreat Deafen Official
Twitter/IG: @maltreatdeafen
Reverbnation: Maltreat Deafen
Youtube MALTREAT DEAFEN Official
Address: Jl. Brigjen Katamso No.39F, Tangkerang 28282 Pekanbaru
Booking: 081275755900



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