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Mati Suri

Death-Metal act MATI SURI was formed in 2009 in Lhokseumawe after death-metal band Crazy Orchestra disbanded, which led frontman Yunda and her fellow bandmate Ojes (guitar) igniting a new band.

“The story goes back to 2008 when I, Yunda, and drummer Apit started up Crazy Orchestra. We did not have a permanent bassist, but we had ‘DONT‘ playing the bass for us as additional player,” Ojes said to “The band went to an indefinite hiatus after Yunda decided to focus on her study. Thing was getting worse when Apit departed.”

Yunda came back in December 2008, but Ojes suggested to disband Crazy Orchestra and together they started up a new band, MATI SURI.

While no permanent bassist and drummer in their line up, Mati Suri began bossing Lhokseumawe’s extreme mosh pit crowds. They employed Cek and Pak Cek as additional bassist and drummer respectively.

2010 saw a breakthrough for Mati Suri, when Udee (bass) and Rolly (drums) joined the band. The dream formation unleashes their dormant talents and their beast  souls. Three singles were composed and they started playing outside Lhokseumawe.

The latest gig they performed was Serbalawan Bergetar #2 in June 2013. The next gig would be Aceh Metal Fest #1 in August 2013, whom Ojes was appointed as the organizer’s leader.

Mati Suri is on a recording process break. They’ve been struggling to hatch their first full-length album, VIRUS ILLUMINATI.

“The process was interrupted by the first Aceh Metal Fest. We’ve been too busy organizing the gig with other fellow bands. But we will resume the album after everything’s concluded.

“We expect all metalheads in Aceh metal-realms would join us and get a new experience in the forthcoming Aceh Metal Fest.” Ojes  wrapped the interview.


Yunda (vocals)
Ojes (guitars)
Udee (bass)
Rolly (drums)


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