Reborn Damnation, left-to-right: Ibenk, Andi, Adhe, Iren, Wahyu

REBORN DAMNATION is a thrash metal act from Jakarta, Indonesia. Established by the late SLIMMER’s bassist Bobby Faisal (ex-Grausig) on May 13, 2011, the band has released three full-length albums to date. Its members were recruited from well-established bands around Jakarta.

In the mid of 2011, Bobby Faisal came up with an idea to form a side project band so he could play a new role as vocalist. Bobby, IMMENSE’s bassist Topick and former BETRAYER’s drummer Andi R Hakim agreed to team up founding a new band named Reborn Damnation. The three asked ADAPTOR’s guitarist Ibenk to join force fulfilling the initial lineup which consisted of Bobby (vocals), Ibenk (guitars), Topick (bass) and Andi (drums).

Couple months later Bobby was found dead by natural causes. He died on a heart attack. Bobby’s death shocked everyone in Jakarta metal realms. Andi, Ibenk and Topick decided to linger on Bobby’s legacy. They agreed to continue the band life. Reborn Damnation entered Gaza Studio to record its debut album dedicated to the life of Muhammad Bobby Faisal.



Eight songs was recorded in Gaza Studio for Reborn Damnation’s full-length debut album titled REBORN. A collective name Metalheads Respect Jakarta acted as the album’s producer. Musicians and friends in Metalheads Respect Jakarta supported the album by recording their playing and songs.

Reborn was mixed and mastered by Silence (STUPID NATION), and cover and lay out were designed by Tiga Martil Production. It’s written in the lay out “This album was dedicated to our beloved friend Muhammad Bobby Faisal (R.I.P)-(1976-2011)”.

All songs were written by Reborn Damnation except where noted.

Track List

1. Intro to Death (Intro) 01:30
2. Oknum 04:21
3. Kelam 05:32
4. Melampaui Batas 03:56
5. True 05:51
6. Menghilang dan Pergi 03:44
7. Fire Bird (written by Heilla TRAUMA) 04:49
8. Heretic and the Beast (written by Bleed STUPID NATION) 05:17

Guest Musicians

  • Vocals : Nabila (FORCED IRON), Khomeng (MORTUS), Ucok (DIRTY EDGE), Robert (JENAZAH), Komeng (OVERFLOW), Jason (CITIZEN USELESS), Pory (CORPORATION OF BLEEDING), Arie (RITUAL DOOM), Silence and Bleed (STUPID NATION), Ryantika and Andika (DRAT INVERSION).
  • Guitars: Budi (GRAUSIG), Jameel (AAARGHHH), Heila (TRAUMA), Ubay (RESTU IBU), Daniel (KILL I CAN), Nino (LUCRETIA), Ucok (DIVINE), Herdian Untung (ex-SUCKER HEAD).
  • Bass: Topick (IMMENSE), Dylan (STUPID NATION), Legy (KILL I CAN), Iwan Xaverius (EDANE).
  • Drums: Bleed (STUPID NATION), Gibby (KILL I CAN), Danny (TRAUMA).

Reborn was launched at a tribute gig dedicated to Bobby Faisal on November 27, 2011 at Outdoor Bulungan Jakarta. Musicians who were affiliated with Metalheads Respect Jakarta performed in the very show.

The gig marked the reunion of Indonesian metal veteran GRAUSIG after the band broke up in 2001. Bobby Faisal once played with Grausig and recorded bass for its 1996 debut EP “Feed The Flesh To The Beast”.


Topick left Reborn Damnation in 2012 to focus in his main band IMMENSE. Calvin and Adrian Ncex were recruited to fill vocal and second guitar positions.

The band entered Gaza Studio once again to record its sophomore album KONFLIK NURANI in July 2012 and finished in January 2013. Ibenk and Adrian recorded the bass sections. The album was engineered, mixed and mastered by Botit and Cherry (Stupid Nation). Gibby Layer designed the cover.

Solusi Production released it subsequently. To support the album, Reborn Damnation played in some gigs. They employed MORTUS’ Fachmi or former STUPID NATION’s Dylan to play bass while performing.

METAL ZONE’s frontman Garind Alfaridzie and former guitarist of UNDERCOVER Adhe Kurniadi joined soon as Calvin and Adrian left the band after the album released.

All songs were written by Reborn Damnation.

Track List

1. Intro to Death (intro) 01:19
2. Bergerak atau Binasa 04:14
3. Morat Marit 03:44
4. Beri Aku Ruang I 04:56
5. Apatis 03:55
6. Kisah Akhir Zaman 04:17
7. Beri Aku Ruang II 04:54
8. Sakit Jiwa 03:42
9. Konflik Nurani 05:12
10. Solusi 04:22
11. Outro to Be Born 02:15

Guest Musicians

  • Porry (CORPORATION OF BLEEDING): vocals on Kisah Akhir Zaman.
  • Yachya Wacked (ISOLATED DEMISE/ex-SUCKER HEAD/ex-GRAUSIG): vocals on Beri Aku Ruang I
  • Khomeng (MORTUS): vocals on Beri Aku Ruang I.
  • Botit & Cherry (STUPID NATION): vocals on Beri Aku Ruang II.
  • Jameel (AAARGHHH):  lead guitar on Outro: To be Born.


Reborn Damnation commenced to record their third album titled Dimensi Horror at ALS Studio in September 2014. The album took a year to finish. It was mixed by Wendy from ALS Studio and mastered by Kiki. Jack from Hammerblood Art worked the cover.

Wahyu Man from SARCASTIC filled the bass. The album was released in 2015 by Horror Productions.

All songs were written by Reborn Damnation.

Track List

1. Kontradiksi 02:08
2. Pecundang 03:16
3. Merah Putih 04:23
4. Dalam Kontaminasi 04:01
5. Usang dan Berkarat 05:21
6. Senandung Kebencian 02:13
7. Anarki 03:46
8. Pendusta 03:12
9. Dilema 03:38
10. Tanah Merdeka 03:36
11. Dimensi Horror 04:17


Guitarist Ibenk told Reborn Damnation has been working for their upcoming album and busying themselves playing from a gig to another.





Garind Alfaridzie – vocal (2014 – present)
Wahyu Man Sarcastic  – bass (2014 – present)
Ibenk AbsoluteHorror – guitars (2011 – present)
Adhe Kurniadi – guitars (2014 – present)
Andi Hakim – drums (2011 – present)


Bobby Faisal: vocals (2011)
Topick: guitars (2011 – 2012)
Calvin: vocals (2012 – 2013)
Adrian Ncex: guitars (2012 – 2013)
Dylan: bass ( 2013 – 2014)


2011 – Reborn (Metalheads Respect, Jakarta)
2013 – Konflik Nurani (Solusi Production, Jakarta)
2015 – Dimensi Horror (Horror Production, Jakarta)



Facebook: Reborn Damnation
Reverbnation: Reborn Damnation
Youtube channel: BumiKhalifah
Addres: Jalan Peninggaran Barat I No:42 RT014/011 Kebayoran Lama Utara – Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12240
Booking: HORROR MANAGEMENT (+62 878 8410 6669)
Label: Horror Production.




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