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TANGKÉ (read: TUNG-KAY) is a musical act from Banda Aceh, well-known for blending Acehnese traditional music  with modern sound, and sometimes laced it with Acehnese traditional dance.

The group was founded in Banda Aceh on 20 February 2011 by frontman Subur Dani, bassist Doni Rosa Yandi, and guitarists Joe and Riyal. It began when the four Acehnese-music-enthusiasts chatting over coffee and discussing an idea about to form a new Acehnese-modern music act. They considered Subur’s ability in chanting Acehnese lyric-poetry was an asset. Subur and Riyal were known active in Sanggar Seni Seulaweut (an Ar-Raniry State Islamic University‘s student arts group). Doni was part of Teater Rongsokan (an Ar-Raniry’s student drama group) and Joe was playing in various band in Banda Aceh music-scene.

Subur proposed TANGKE  as the band’s name which means tree branch in Acehnese language. The philosophy behind the band’s name is as a small part of a plant, TANGKE  plays very important role in a tree life. It delivers food from leaves to trunk and other part of the plant, and transporting water and other minerals to leaves and flowers/fruits. Considering itself a small group, TANGKE  aims to give a massive impact in modern Acehnese music development.

TANGKE  utilises numerous Acehnese traditional music instruments like Rapa’i (Acehnese’s kind of frame drum), Seurune Kalee (Acehnese’s kind of double reed instrument), and Genderang (Acehnese’s kind of double-sided membrane drum). The four original members then employed some traditional young musicians and drummers, and did some changing lineup in finding the perfect team.

Riyal departed the band almost immediately for an undisclosed family matter. The current lineup consists of Subur (vocals), Joe (guitar), Doni (bass), Sayed (drum), Rizqi (rapa’i/seurune kalee), Iskandar (rapa’i), Vijey (rapa’i/Gendrang), Ketex (rapa’i), and Fuadi (additional guitar).

They started making their own materials and performed in some campus events and gaining fame in their own right.  In Mid 2011, the flock entered Opay Studio to record their first 2 songs for upbringing debut album in mid 2011.

Their first tune Bala Lam Nanggroe was included in “ACEH SIAGA BENCANA”, a compilation album created by DRR-A UNDP  and produced by Teuku Mahfud and Mukhlis “Ulis” Fitriadi in July 2011.

In December 2011, TANGKE  was dispatched to Padang Panjang, West Sumatera, and performed  in Ranah Performing Arts (RaPA) International, shared the stage with some national and international fame.

2012 saw a very hectic roster for TANGKE . They partook in most of all bonafide gigs in Banda Aceh. 8 new songs were recorded and produced by Acehnese award winning producer, Taufik Opay in August 2012. The upcoming debut album “MEULUHA” was planned to be released in video-CD format, but the video production itself was scheduled to be made in 2013. In October 2012 they headlined the second “Festival Tari Seudati Bireuen se-Aceh” in Bireuen.

The pack became less active in 2013 due to the three founding members’ activities outside TANGKE . Doni was occupied in a new rising pop-rock act AMOBA (read their profile HERE).  Joe pursued a new career as a computer tech, and Subur concentrated in his study and was active in his previous student arts group. In the end of 2013, they were gathered and resumed the video album production. Subur told that they have commenced the video production in December 2013 and expecting it will be wrapped in the mid of 2014.

The ten tunes in MEULUHA album consist of Meleuha, Syam, Suroh, Doa Keu Poma, Bala Lam Nanggroe, Saleum, Tuboh, Keneuk Riwang, Beknale, and Peukateun HPH.

Watch TANGKE Band plays Suroh at PKA VI in collaboration with  Joel Pasee in this video: SUROH


 Subur Dani  – vocals
Joe  – guitar
Doni – bass
Sayed – drums
Rizqi  rapa’i/seurune kalee
Iskandar  – rapa’i
Vijey – rapa’i/Gendrang
Ketex  – rapa’i
Fuadi – additional guitar


Facebook – TANGKE
Twitter – @TANGKE _official
Booking – Karimullah (+6282113842188)

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