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VONIS MATI is a deathcore act from Banda Aceh, founded in August 2011 by Dopan Rehayatsyah, a guitarist of Sepatu Butut, a Punk band. He was inspired to form a metal band after watching a local metal show. Dopan asked his SMA Negeri 13 high school classmates Opal (vocals) and Wada (drums) to join the newfound VONIS MATI.

Another SMAN 13 fellow student, Robby, a hardrock guitarist, was recruited.  The band started its venture as a metalcore band covering group like Avenged Sevenfold, without a bassist. Guitarist Angga from deathmetal act Unsatisfactory suggested Dopan to employ former Marrabuka’s guitarist Ervan to fill the vacant bassist position. Ervan moved in, but the horde dissatisfied with his bass playing. Dopan switched into bass position and Ervan became their full-time guitarist.

Ervan’s arriving caused the band to change its musical direction to more deathcore-alike. VONIS MATI covered bands like As Blood Runs Black and Chelsea Grin, and engaged in almost all metal concerts in Banda Aceh, particularly in their own school gigs.

The five entered the now-defunct Eleven Studio to record their first demo “Wealth and Taste” in October 2012, produced and engineered by guitarist Andi Munandar.

2013 saw a big breakthrough for the band members since they had graduated their high school and enrolled in some colleges. VONIS MATI was busy playing in all GMA’s Not Just Noise franchise and other gigs.

Their latest single “Destroy” was published through Reverbnation in January 2014. The tune was recorded at Nauval Nazri Home Recording.

Outside VONIS MATI, Dopan and Opal play in a hardcore band Based on a True Story.

Dopan cited The Crimson Armada, As Blood Runs Black, Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin and Cranifex as their big influences.

VONIS MATI ’s current lineup

Noval Apriliyansyah – vocals
Dopan Rehayatsyah Putra  bass
Gerry guitars
Syuhada – drums

Social Media

Facebook – VONIS MATI 
Twitter – @VonisMati666 
Reverbnation – Vonis Mati Official

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