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Banda Aceh-based pop-rock act WILLIAM was formed in April 2013 by former national modelling contest winner, Teuku Ramoes. Ramoes whom himself is an avid singer and songwriter, asked then-Wae Waeo keyboardist Dodolsky to join him forming a new band. The couple then started hunting other players to complete the newborn William. Guitarist Ceyrel Nizar engaged and the then-Trio entered Landeep studio to record their first single, Terbang. Former drummer of national-fame Antique, Galih Gautama Putra produced and recorded bass and drum parts.

Wae Waeo’s bassist Erwin (well-known as bassist for now-defunct The Mayer) joined the flock in May, followed  by Riza (drums, ex-Flush) and Teuku Razy (guitar, Rise to Revenge). The now six-piece band is ready to groove. Bastera Rusdi from conducted an interview with the band’s spokesperson Dodolsky, who’s formerly known as Afdhal Kurnia.

Q: The band line-up consists of musicians who still play with other bands. Is it a side project or are you planning it to be a permanent one?

A: Well, Me and Ramoes intended to make a band and play on a permanent basis. Maybe it’s a side project for other players, like Erwin and Razy. Yet, there’s no schedule conflict since William is focusing on its album project only. If Erwin and Razy had commitment with their bands to play in a gig, we might postpone our recording schedule. No big deal!  And I believe, William is different than Wae Waeo or Rise to Revenge. We are more into alternative rock with massive Pop approaching.

Q: We didn’t know Ramoes before, and suddenly he’s there singing and writing good materials.  

A: Yeah, Perhaps you know him as a model. FYI: he’s a favorite winner at a modelling contest in 2012, organized by a national teen magazine. But, he can sing! He has already performed and had experiences with some bands before William. And he wrote our first single Terbang.

Q: It’s a great tune, and I enjoy watching the video. Tell me about the video, what’s the story behind it?

A: We asked Robby from Indie Movie Maker to direct and to make script for Terbang. Then he just came up with a story-line: A singer who’s striving to find perfect mates in achieving his to-be-famous dream. Some rappers from ETC NAD, Skater Ruben Akbar, and Landeep Studio personnel are starring in the video. Robby is incredible! We enjoy to work with him.

Q: Cool! Tell me what is your future plan?

A: We plan to record five or six songs for a debut mini album by the end of this year. Galyh has already given his commitment to produce and supporting us. Well, I guess we are very lucky so far. And Terbang is listed in the upcoming GMA Compilation Album.

Q: Nice, Dodol, thanks for your time. What a great tune you have, I love it.

A: You’re welcome, and thanks for the compliments.

Check “TERBANG” music video in this link: Youtube-Terbang


Teuku Ramoes – Vocals
Dodol – Keyboard/synthesizer
Ewin Mayer Wae – Bass
Teuku Razy Pratama – Guitars
Riza Sachfan – Drums/sequencing
Ceyrel Nizar – Guitars
Adniel Tamz – Manager

Social Media

Facebook Fanpage – William Official
Twitter – @Williams_Jam
Youtube – William Band
Booking Agent – 085370515553 (Raja Mustafa), 085260764994 (Afdhal), 085260011455 (Erwinsyah)

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