Provile Band: Not Vile At All

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The band name is not a portmanteau of the words “pro” and “vile”. It derives from a pun of word “profile”.

“Really! It sounds good with Provile, compared to just Profile,” the guitarist Edi Fadli Asa said, “And (it) doesn’t mean we are nasty hahaha…”

Provile is a band from Banda Aceh who plays a variety of genres, from Pop to Jazz, from Dangdut to Rock. The band bassist Adit said that they would like to play any kind of music. “We play only what we love.”

The story begins back in 2008 when Edi (guitar), Adit (bass), Wandy (guitar), Menem (drums) and Rama (vocal) met and decided to make a high school band. They set up a studio, and Menem the drummer complained about how difficult it was to find decorative carved wood profile for the studio decoration. He suggested Profile for the band name, then punned into Provile, because it sounds more “virile”.

After a year Menem and Rama left the band. Dea Hector (drummer) joined and Provile resumed without vocalist. They employed some additional singers until Rizki engaged in 2012. For additional keyboard player they hire Dicky from JamzKed band.

“The aim is clear, our eponymous debut album should be finished and released this year.” Edi answered our question about the band’s this year goal. “We’ve been working for 2 years now. We have enough material for a full length album. But we have to rewrite all of it, to suit Risky’s singing style.”

For more information about the band, check their facebook fanpage:  , Reverbnation:, Blogspot:, twitter: @provileofficial.


1. Runner up  of Honda Winning Blade Band Competition
2. The best guitarist of  Soundstation Festival
3. Winner of  Honda Vario Techno Band Competition
4. 3rd Champion of Festival musik IWAPI
5. The most Favorite  band of Festival Rencong Lhoksemawe
6. The Best Guitarist for Festival Rencong Lhoksemawe
7. The most Favorite band of Road to Java Jazz – Aceh region
8. Opening act for Sandy Sandoro’s Jazz Moment  at Hermes Palace Hotel
9. Opening act for Glend Fredly’s Exclusive Jamz.


provile 02
Lef-to-right: Edi, Dea, Riski, Adit, Wandy, Dicky
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