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REAX | left-to-right: Apoy, Joe, Bayu, Danny

REAX is an Indonesian metal band founded in 1991. Originated in Jakarta as thrash metal god KREATOR cover band by Irfan Pilun (guitars), Aryo Damar (guitar), Bayu Suroso (bass, vocals) and Farhan (drums).


The four adolescent musicians studied in the same high school and shared mutual love of Kreator musics that brought the guys to play all songs from the German’s Endless Pain, Pleasure To Kill, Extreme Aggression and Coma Of Souls albums. The initial formation was changed after they graduated. Aryo and Farhan subsequently left the band.

In 1993, Irfan asked his fellow Gunadarma University student Ramadhanny “Denny” Hussein to fill the second guitar position that vacant after Aryo’s departure. Denny was from Moroth, a Napalm Death cover band. Bayu then met Messiah’s former drummer Nasrul Maulana in a rehearsal studio in Tanabang. Nasrul agreed to join force.

The second formation did not last long. Founder member Irfan resigned to focus in his graphic design study and Nasrul was busy in his other projects. This situation made REAX facing an uncertain future situation.

Denny Hussein met Deny “Apoy” Iskandar and Peter Morello in 1994, respectively were guitarist and drummer from now-defunct General Metal band. Denny asked Apoy and Peter to join the dormant REAX. With this new formation, REAX began covering American’s death metal pioneer DEATH. REAX began playing and recording its own songs.

Two songs were semi-live recorded using old Tascam recorder titled “Cosmic Nightmare” and “Beyond the Earth” before Peter departed the band in 1996 due to his commitment in other sector. Drummer Iwan Oembardy was recruited from Suckratul. But Iwan’s tenure in REAX was very short. He relocated to Riau in 1998.  

Deny Apoy joined the Indonesian famed alternative/punk rock band NETRAL as additional guitarist, replacing original member Ricy “Miten” Dayandani who left the band to pursue his study in USA in 1999. 

Contrary to popular belief, guitarist Aan “Apoy” Kurnia from pop-rock famed Wali Band did not involve in Netral’s 2001 fifth album Oke Deh, but it was Deny “Apoy” Iskandar from REAX, who then became Netral’s additional guitarist and later part of its production team. Deny Apoy also recorded guitars for Cahaya Bulan and Warna Biru of 2002 The Best of Netral.

Apoy’s tenure in NETRAL marked the beginning of REAX’s long hiatus.

During the hiatus, Bayu and Denny were focus on pursuing their careers, and occasionally, Denny played with his 311 cover band.


2012 saw the reunion of REAX after more than a decade pause. Bayu Suroso, Denny Rahmadhanny and Deny “Apoy” Iskandar played together in a concert, to honor mutual friend the late Rici “Miten” Dayandani who died on July 22, 2012 due to pneumonia and lung cancer. Miten’s death was a big necessary loss to Indonesia music scene. His career with Netral Band in 90’s marked the rise of alternative rock genre in Indonesia.

Bayu, Denny and Apoy agreed to rebuild REAX and a new drummer search was commenced. In the end of 2013, session and Ritual Doom’s drummer Joe Dayliant joined the band. The quartet re-established REAX and started covering Death’s albums Leprosy, Spiritual Healing, Human, Symbolic and Sound Of Perseverance for nostalgia while new songs were written.

REAX’s single Mentally Deception was recorded in Rhythm Studio, Condet, Jakarta in January 2015. The song is listed in Oldschool Underground Album, released in February 2015 as a compliment CD for a gig with same title. A music video was made to accompany the song in April 2015.


In August 2015, REAX entered  Vantasma Studio, Taman Galaxi, Bekasi to record drums and vocals for its debut EP titled From the Past. The guitars and bass recording sessions were made in Apoy’s home studio. Sally Effendi from MaliniArt Music Studio was in charge for the album recording’s engineering, mixing and mastering. Denny Hussein designed the album’s cover and layout.

The album incorporated elements of old-school death metal and thrash metal.

CD From the Past was released on June 10, 2016 by MaliniArt Music Studio, and the digital versions was released in iTunes and Spotify on November 1 by MaliniArt Music Studio and Rajawali Megah Visions (RMV) Records.

The EP’s lyrics tell about victims of conflict, dignity, dream catching and life from birth to death.

Track List

1. Hostility 05:17
2. Eye for an Eye 05:09
3. Againts the World 04:01
4. Low Life Sacrifice 05:01
5. Mentally Deception 04:08
6. Within the Human’s Life 04:54

Guest Musicians

Sally Effendi – keyboard intro on Hostility.
Majelis Taklim Pasar Minggu Hadrah Ensemble – hadrah percussion intro on Within the Human’s Life.


Ramadhanny Hussein in his interview with stated the band’s main influences are Kreator and Death.




Bayu Suroso – bass (1991 – 1998, 2012 – present)
Deny “Apoy” Iskandar – guitars (1994 – 1998, 2012 – present)
Joe Dayliant – drums (2013 – present)
Rahmadhanny “Denny” Hussein – guitars, vocals (1993 – 1998, 2012 – present)


Irfan Pilun – guitars (1991 – 1993)
Aryo Damar – guitars (1991 – 1993)
Farhan – drums (1991 – 1993)
Nasrul Maulana – drums (1993)
Peter Morello – drums (1994 – 1996)
Iwan Oembardi – drums (1996 -1998)


2015 – VA – Old-school Underground
2016 – From the Past (MaliniArt Music Studio, Rajawali Megah Visions Records, Jakarta)



Facebook: REAX
Reverbnation: REAX
Youtube: REAX Band
Booking: 0896-1121-7540
Email: bayu_5150(at) / bayu.suroso02(at)


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