Retalition works on sophomore album with new lineup

Death metal legion from Sungai Penuh, Jambi Retalition released a statement today telling the band has commenced sophomore album project with new lineup.

Founder/frontman Deri Okayama told the band is being reinforced by two new players, drummer Wigo Hernando and bassist Raju Anugrah Zubakir. Retalition has lost guitarist/co-founder Johannes Hart and drummer Mahendra Saputra earlier this year, due to their commitment at works.

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Upon Joe’s departure, Dimas Aries Putra has switched his ax from bass to guitar. Previously played with Retalition as live player, Raju Anugrah from Bacterial Disease then recruited as the band’s definitive bassist in March 2017. Darkness Squad’s drummer Gilang Pratama joined subsequently when Mahendra Saputra left in April.

Gilang’s tenure in Retalition was very short, Temenggung’s drummer Wigo Hernando stepped in and being introduced on June 21.

The new lineup’s maiden gig was at Party of Screaming, organized by Bottom Squad on July 29 at Afdeeling F Kersik Tua, Kerinci.

Deri added the band will enter Aco Studio Sungai Ning in near future, the same studio they used for previous works. He stated the new materials are different in concept compared to debut Inspire the Moment.


RETALITION was formed in August 2013 by frontman Deri Okayama and guitarist Johannes Hart. They recruited bassist Dimas Aries Putra and drummer Mahendra Saputra in 2015. The band commenced to record its first full-length album in April 2016 at Aco Studio Sungai Ning, Sungai Bungkal sub-district, Sungai Penuh and finished in November 2016. Rottenflesh Record released the debut album titled INSPIRE THE MOMENT in January 2017.

Current lineup comprises Deri Okayama (vocals), Dimas Aries Putra (guitars), Raju Anugrah Zubakir (bass) and Wigo Hernando (drums).


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