Pekanbaru R.G.B. 103 to release Revenge of Gurindam compilation album

Pekanbaru-based independent label  R.G.B. 103 teams up with Grief Blozzom Production will release a compilation album titled Revenge of Gurindam.

Eighteen extreme music bands from Pekanbaru, Medan, Tanjung Pinang, Sei Guntung (Tembilahan), Sungaipenuh, and Pangkalan Kerinci, are listed in the album roster, with music varies from death metal, black metal, grindcore, Gothic metal, hardcore and death core.

The album will be officially released in the third week of August 2017.

According to a statement released by R.G.B. 103/Grief Blozzom’s co-founder Prasojo, the project started in May 2016 when he and fellow Handy met and agreed to join force to produce a compilation CD.

The album cover art was designed by Donny D. Novaz, and lay out by Hery Deadrebell Records.

Prasojo (known under moniker Jojo) said a CD and t-shirt bundling is available for pre-order now, by contacting 0831 6728 0666 and BBM D0138873.

Grief Blozzom Production was founded as in 2008 as Anak-anak Jalan Rambutan/Marpoyan Movement, and changed to current name in 2010. To date, they have organized 15 shows since 2011.


Geo Stigma – D.O.A. “Death Of Agony”
Borgium – Darah Hitam
Kazed – Ajian Penolak Santet
Determination – Meraga Dalam Bayangan
Incarnate Disfigured – Severe Judgement
Holding Hand – Energi Neraka
Endocarditis – Kaum Minoritas
Makam – Bloody Of Moon
Ghassaq – Malhamatul Kubro
Retalition – Mati Terpengal
Muntah Kawat – God Delusion
Dark Of Lord – Pemakaman Para Arwah
Rawa Kubur – Kedahsyatan Liang Lahat
Parricidal – Pembunuh Di Bunuh
Vemord – Binasa Sia-sia
Maoren Blood – Krisis Nurani
Jiwo Ireng – In The Land of War
Qafandar – Perang Raga Moralitas



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