Road to Penghuni Kota Mati #6

Road to Penghuni Kota Mati #6

Artikel dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di link berikut: Metal Blora Bersatu adakan Road to Penghuni Kota Mati #6

Road to Penghuni Kota Mati #6 is a pre-event of Metal Blora Bersatu’s flagship gig franchise PENGHUNI KOTA MATI #6 which is scheduled to hold at GOR Kolonel Sunandar (opposite Kridosono Stadium), Blora, Central Java on Saturday, March 18, 2017. The core event itself will be organized in June or July 2017.

There will be nineteen dangerous band in the event’s current lineup, showcasing their abilities to warm up the metal realm citizen around Blora Regency who endure their yearning for the real show with great fortitude. Within the limits of the very gig, attendees can have interesting sub-event i.e mini expo, Barongan Dance, art-work exhibition, and food bazaar.

Metal Blora Bersatu is a prominent underground community in Blora Regency who was formed on December 28, 2011. Since its birth, MBB has sustained a campaign for Blora public attention about the positive characters of  local metal music enthusiasts through a series of motivational and social activities. In other words, not only setting up gigs, MBB also creates some social causes such as traditional arts preservation, local economic development projects and sustainable environment project.

On preserving the local traditional arts, MBB set an agreement with  local prominent dance studio Sardulo Suro Dilogo. MBB always showcases the studio’s Barongan dancers and instrumentalists in every single gig they set up. According to Awan Egunsu from MBB in his interview with, almost 50% of its members take part in Barongan dance activities in their own neighborhoods. To promote local batik, MBB releases a unique batik line named Batik Metal Blora.

MBB owns an agribusiness outfit called Blora Metal Agro who runs its farming and husbandry sectors. One of its products is frozen chicken branded as DePiku. They also created MetalFeed who produces feed crops and poultry feeds. All outfits employ the MBB’s members.

On environmental preservation, MBB creates Metal Green, an initiative to replant trees around Blora area. The tree re-plantation project usually happens during or before a gig  as a satellite event.

This year’s Road to Penghuni Kota Mati is also accompanied by Metal Green. This time Metal Green will do the tree re-plantation in Desa Jomblang, Jepon sub-district, on March 12, 2017.

To date, MBB has two gig franchises: Penghuni Kota Mati and Sesaji Ambal Warso. Penghuni Kota Mati was kicked of in 2012 as the society’s flagship gig. Sesaji Ambal Warso is an annual event to commemorate the MBB birthday.



CHALERA (Bekasi, brutal death metal)
AGEN DOSA (Mojokerto, Gothic metal)
AGARES (Bojonegoro, black metal)
DUPPY BAKRA (Randublatung, death metal)
JALUR GAZA (Kedung Tuban, death metal)
KLANDESTIN (Randublatung, slamming)
CADAVORA (Belan, slamming)
KALACAKRA (Blora, thrash metal)
RADICAL SYNDROME (Kuwu, metalcore)
FORSAKEN (Mojokerto, metalcore)
MOURNING GRAVE (Rembang, deathcore)
HIGH OCTANE (Wirosari, heavy metal)
FORBIDDUCATION (Blora, death metal)
CRASSBOOMER (Blora, grindcore)
LANTANA CAMARA (Blora, grindcore)
DEATH FOR GOD (Blora, grindcore)
JASON X (Blora, metalcore)
SWEET LITLE PRINCE (Blora, deathcore)
VOMITED (Blora, slamming)

Limited early bird tickets are available for IDR 20K. The normal ticket will be available at the venue entrance for IDR 25K. For further inquiries about Road to Penghuni Kota Mati, you may contact 082220250341 or BBM D8415E07.

This show is supported by: Militan Randublatung Hardcorner, Belan Corps Grinder, Kedung Tuban Death Metal, Wijang Jangkar Pati, Kunduran Corps Grinder, Metal Head Todanan, Doplang Black Squad, Prantaan Metal Head, Betet Metal Squad, Ngawen Metal Head, Wirosari Underground Comunity, Rantai Hitam Kalitidu, Berdikari Prod., Angkringan Subur, DePiku, Mellow Cloth, and Liontin’s Studio.


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