SIDESWIPE releases music video for new track “The Sea of Fire (1946)”

The Sea of Fire

Bandung’s self-proclaimed new wave metal band SIDESWIPE released their new music video The Sea of Fire (1946) on March 23, 2017 to commemorate the 71st anniversary of Bandung Lautan Api (or Bandung Sea of Fire), one of the prime events during the Indonesian National Revolution.

Bandung Sea of Fire is a term coined to describe an act of scorched-earth by the pro-independence combatants, burning the southern part of Bandung on March 23, 1945.

The event took place when the British Army released an ultimatum for the Indonesian fighters in Bandung to leave the city. The fighters deliberately burned down almost all important buildings and infrastructure while withdrawing from Southern Bandung to show their resistance.

The Allied’s invasion and occupation in Indonesia, led by British, aimed to restore the Dutch pre-war colonial administration and sovereignty over Indonesia.

The Sea Of Fire (1946) is a single taken from SIDESWIPE’s upcoming full-length debut album, Valhalla. The tune was recorded at Pathetichut Recording, produced by the band’s guitarist Pras GS and studio’s owner Rivan a.k.a Ririp.

The video was filmed in January 2017, directed by the band’s frontman Deja and edited by VGB Visual. Cinematographer Mochammad Rezha was employed to shoot the band playing in a studio around Antapani area Bandung. The clip also uses some footage from the Indonesian Independence Revolution era.

Founding member/guitarist Pras GS in his interview with spoke about the single and Valhalla. He said the video is intended to tell the Indonesian young generation about one of the most important events in Indonesian Independence history. By recollecting the epic Bandung Lautan Api, he expected it can develop patriotism and nationalism among the youth.

He added the video was supported by Founder Factory, Pathetichut Recording and Hollyman Merch.

The band commenced the Valhalla recording session in the middle of 2016, and finished in the end of that year. The upcoming album marked the band’s genre shifting into a more progressive way by incorporating some djent elements and “fresh” arrangement compared to their debut EP Continuous (released on September 15, 2014).

The pre-recording session took place at the band’s home recording, and the rest (re-take, mixing and mastering) was done at Pathetichut Recording by Rivan. Frontman Deja was responsible to write all the lyrics.

Pras disclosed the album is scheduled to release in the mid of this year.

SIDESWIPE was founded on November 1, 2013 in Bandung. The band consists of Pras (guitars/vocals), Deja (vocals), Shendy (guitars), Sid (bass/vocals) and Upy (drums).

To date, the band has released three official videos December Song (2014), Drama (2015) and Light (2015), to accompany their 2014 debut EP Continuous.

The Sea of Fire (1946) music video can be seen below:

The Sea of Fire (1946)

Silent night
the place of the north become darker than before
shout of affliction, shout of all people wounds
everyone searching for a healer

the ultimatum for the north
to leave the land where they stand
people use their souls for pray
because they are so afraid

During the evacuations,
they are who will face the people who will rule our own place
the decision is to burn down all the land

the sea of fire, was deliberate burning of the southern side
we just watch the whole land is burning all
there is no place to enemy, The struggle lasted for over the night “bloody armed conflict”
the night to remember watch the flames high into the skies


keep watch to prevent future destruction
our place is burning all

they burn the land with bomb and fire
there is no place to hide
they burn the land with bomb and fire
there is no place to run

he detonated the dynamite warehouse,
killing himself became a hero today for saving the places
The explosion created a small lake

the southern part was deliberately burned down
in an act of defiance as they left
now just let him live and die in peace


“a member of militia, smuggled several sticks of dynamite into the military Headquarters,
He detonated the dynamite in warehouses of ammunition
killing himself and several troops in the area The explosion created a small lake”

“The sea of fire March 23, 1946”


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