Submit your song for POH BANDET compilation project today!


Aceh-based independent record label Arakatee Acehnese Records announces its new open demo compilation project. The label is currently looking for serious musicians who want to submit their tunes for project dubbed POH BANDET which aims bands/solos whose residences are in Aceh.

You may submit a studio track; live; or even a jam-session cellphone-recorded  track, since the label does not give a policy whether you had a hi-quality recording or not.

The compilation will be released on cassette tape in March 2017 and submission period will last in the end of this February. An entry fee is applied for IDR 50K and paid after the label receives your submission. Every applicant will receive two copies of the album. You may order an extra copy or more for IDR 25K each, excluding delivery cost.

All you have to do is email an mp3/wav-formatted song to arakateexacehnese(at) with subjet V/A Kompilasi POH BANDE  including the band/solo’s detailed information i.e. Facebook/website address, phone number, band address, band logo, etc; and please mention how many album copy you wish to have.

If you want to be apart of this project, and requiring more information, just call Arakatee Acehnese Records at 082370569703 or email arakateexacehnese(at)

Submit now!


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