Sucker Head to release final album at Hammersonic 2017

Indonesian thrash metal veteran Sucker Head will play a farewell concert and release their final album on May 7, 2017 at Hammersonic 2017, the largest and most highly anticipated metal fest in South East Asia.

The finale titled Simphoni Kehidupan is released posthumously for founder/bassist/frontman Krisna J. Sadrach following his death on August 2, 2016, after a battle with lung cancer. The band is survived by Nano Rooseno (guitars), Medy Rocker (guitars), and Bakar Bufthaim (drums).

Simphoni Kehidupan has been waiting for five years to be published, and features 8 new tracks and two re-mixed version of their renowned songs Hak Asasi and Mario (Budak Industri). The album is released by Armstretch Records.

Sadly, Sucker Head will end its musical journey after rolling for almost three decades, in a festival where Krisna involved as its COO in his lifetime. To honor his dedication and legacy, the event promoter, Revision Live Entertainment set a stage named after the frontman’s name: Sound of Steel Stage Krisna J Sadrach.

Former Boomerang’s frontman Roy Jeconiah will sing and play with Nano, Medy and Bakar.

Krisna J Sadrach co-founded Sucker Head in 1989 with Irvan Sembiring (guitars),  Yaya Wacked (vocals), Nano Rooseno (guitars), and Doddy (drums). The name was inspired by Swedish brand matches Säkerhets Tändstickor.

To date, the band has released five studio and two compilation albums The Head Sucker (1995), Manic Depressive (1996), Hits of The Year 4 (1997), Paranatural (1998), 10 th Agresi (1999), Strip Hitam (2003), and Hipertensi (2004).

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