Surabayan hardcore act Flowdown releases music video “Sisi Primitif”

To accompany its debut full-length album Provokasi, Surabaya-based hardcore band Flowdown released second music video Sisi Primitif, on May 6, 2017.

The video shows the band playing in a home studio and incorporating some amateur footage.

Sisi Primitif criticizes the current socio-political situation where hatemongers encourage hatred towards the people with their black propaganda, and claim their view of morality is absolute, which would have resulted the emergence of intolerance generation. The longing of power makes them denying the “new era”.

Fellow Surabaya’s metal act Tikam‘s drummer R Wiryawan Surya Kusuma was in charge to direct and to edit the video. The video itself was filmed at the director’s house on April 23, 2017. It took a week to finalize the editing.

Sisi Primitif is second music video made for album Provokasi, which was released on February 27, 2017 by Grounderz Records. Prior to album release, the band had launched video Petarung Handal on November 24, 2016. Petarung Handal was also directed by R Wiryawan Surya Kusuma.

Flowdown 2017 | left-to-right Panji, Joko, Danang, Putu and Hamdan

Provokasi is produced by founder/guitarist Putu Moreno. The recording session took place at Musicals Studio Surabaya. The studio’s resident engineer Frans Ferian recorded, mixed and mastered all 11 tracks. The album was officially launched at Crock Fest 2017 Surabaya, on March 4, where Flowdown became its sole headliner.

The album talks about a reflection upon current societal conditions such as social inequality, modernization, nepotism, religious intolerance and provocations.

Fellow Simpul Mati’s frontman Bima recorded his voice in Song of Survivor. Ade Mbambung from Boy Horror directed the vocal takes.

Flowdown was founded in March 2012 by Putu and fellow drummer Kilat. After certain line up changing, the band currently consists of Joko (vocals), Putu Moreno (gutars), Hamdan Arrasyid (guitars), Danang Danger (drums) and Panji Sundoro (bass).

To date, they have one EP Sistem Menjerat (released November 2014) and a full-length album Provokasi (2017).

Putu Moreno told us Flowdown is heavily influenced by Biohazard, Suicidal Tendencies, Pantera, Sepultura and Earthcrisis.

The video can be seen below:



Lyrics: Joko
Music: Flowdown
Directed by R Wiryawan Surya Kusuma
Art Direction by Danang Daner and R Wiryawan
Cinematography by R Wiryawan and Aditya Didya P
Edited by R Wiryawan Surya Kusuma

Sisi Primitif

Semakin membimbing jalan hidup kita..
Kencang menggema semakin tak terkendali..
Apa yang kau tularkan untuk generasimu adalah kehancuran..
Era baru kau anggap sebagai pemberontakan yang harus kau musnahkan


Menentang cari mati..
Perkeruh keadaan dengan kebusukan..
Menyimpang teori..
Agenda hitam sudah kau kibarkan..
Apa yang kau tularkan untuk generasimu dunia menjadi gila..

Era baru kau anggap sebagai penyimpangan..
Yang harus kau luruskan..


Dipenuhi kebencian..

Persetan dengan moral semua kau anggap benar untukmu sendiri..
Rasa kemanusiaan perlahan menghilang.. Semakin musnah..
Hey kau tak sejalan..
Hey kau tak seiman..

Akulah maha benar

Menjalar di segala sisi
Merasuk tiada henti
Menyebar sampai akhir
Jadikan mereka sisi primitif..


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