Tapluck Production presents Sound of Goddess

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Minggu ini, Dewi-dewi Musik akan tampil di SOUND of GODDESS

To commemorate the Kartini Day, a national observance celebrating the birth of Indonesian national heroine Raden Ayu Kartini, Tapluck Production will hold a new concert titled SOUND of GODDESS, featuring bands who are famous for female musicians in their line up.

Sound of Goddess will take place on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at Lottemart Jatake, Tangerang.

The Tangerang-based event management Tapluck Production will showcase twelve performing acts, with genre varies from Gothic metal to grindcore.

The current lineup consists of Anueta, Bloody Mortir, Organ Busuck, Kejie, Suropati, Eulogy, Demistri HC, Time is Over, Bulan Purnama, Al Basyiah, Krabb Patty and Panyembahan.

1. Anueta

Frontwoman Nagita Okta from Tangerang-based Gothic metal act Anueta will rock the stage with set list coming from their two full-length albums Alam Bawah Sadar (2002) and Sunyi Jelang Gelap (2012).

Anueta was founded in 2000, now consists of Harun (bass) Deni (drums), Wanto (guitars), Wawan (guitars), Adi (keyoards), Dhef (male vocals) and Nagita Okta (vocals).

2. Bloody Mortir

Jakarta-based grindcore act Bloody Mortir is famous for its frontwoman Winnie, who holds a rare position in a grindcore band in Indonesia. Since its inception in 2013, Bloody Mortir had released EP Agression of Grind (2014) and album Vandalisme Massal (2015). The latest is in Playloud Records’ catalog.

Bloody Mortir latest line up consist of Winnie (vocals), Max (guitars), Roy ( drums) and Wildan (bass).

3. Organ Busuck

Brutal gore act from Jampang, Sukabumi, West Java, Organ Busuck was founded by husband and wife Andre and Ocha in 2013. Now-trio Organ Busuck is in studio to records their first full-length album which is scheduled to release this June. The band current formation consists of Ocha (vocals), Andre (guitars) and Teguh (drums).

4. Suropati

Femme fatale Vanny has proven herself fits to replace frontwoman Icha in Serang-based Gothic metal act Suropati. Since its birth in 2006, Suropati has released one EP Menghilang Tak Berarti in 2010.

The band is survived by Vanny (vocals), Jemz (vocals), Ilay Koswara (guitars),  Rhaka (guitars), Ableh (bass), Rd Gentur Adyyasa (drums) and Dhenis Jibril (keyboards).

5. Kejie

Death metal unit from Jakarta Kejie is having a female vocalist again. Susan will sing with Zaen (guitar/vocals), Kendy (bass) and Abbay (drums).  Kejie was founded in 2009, once employed a female vocalist Intan.

6. Eulogy

Bassist Maulina Eropline a.k.a Boutiq is rocking with Eulogy right now, joining Racht (vocals), Ocha (guitars), Apip (guitars), and Rian (drums). Eulogy is a metalcore from Tangerang.

7. Demistri HC

The only female drummer in Sound of Goddess line up is serving the Serang-based hardcore act Demistri. Never underestimate Khustini, if you don’t want sticks flying into your head.

8. Time is Over

Another band who was setup by couple, Time is Over is on the list to assault Lottemart Jatake. Founded in 2011 by now-husband-and-wife drummer Ukie and singer Dezzy, Tangerang-based deathcore act Time is Over will never stop to give special appearance to deathmetal/deathcore music aficionados.

Now consists of the couple plus Donal (guitars) and Aziz (bass), the band will perform songs from their renowned track list such as Rapuh Tubuh Membusuk, Harga Diri yang Terinjak, Kematian Para Pendosa, etc.

9. Bulan Purnama

Gothic metal act Bulan Purnama has been dwelling the earth with its magnificent seven members since its inception in 2011 in Tangerang. Frontwoman Miceng will tempt the concert attendees with her Siren voice, luring unwary fans onto rocks.

The band now consists of Miceng (vocals), Bray (vocals), Ichal (guitars), Bodong (guitars), Lebex (bass), Endin (drums), and Awan (keyboards).

10. Al-Basyah

Tangerang-based epic metal act Al-Basyah owes their distinct music character to frontwoman Rescy’s mesmeric voice. Band whose name is inspired from Albasia/Albizia tree, was founded on December 29, 2013.

Recent formation consists of Rescy (vocals), Tama (guitars), Muslimin Lamula (bass) and Ferdiansyah (drums).

11. Krabby Patty

You don’t have to go to Bikini Bottom to taste the most famous burger in Sponge Bob realm. Krusty Krab has already opened a branch in Tangerang to serve her citizen with Krabby Patty in the shape of an easy core band.

Frontwoman Rizqie Nurfattihah delivers yummy Krabby Patty to any pop punk music enthusiasts in the city with the help of her busboys Nata Aziee Banggala (guitars), Edho hermawan (drums), Ndev dev (bass), and Milky (synth).

Tangerang-based easy core act Krusty Krab was founded in 2011, and never stop to amuse its fans.

12. Panyembahan

There was not much information we gathered from internet about Gothic metal band Panyembahan. All we found is it consists of Chika (vocals), Zinda (vocals), Aghizt (bass), Ipank (guitars), Ali (drums), Mey (guitars), and Agus (keyboards). That’s it!


Owner of Tapluck Production, Slamet Dera Yanto in his interview with www.Musik.or.id talked about the show. He said the gig aims to honor the female musicians who give huge contribution to their bands. There is no headliner in the very event. Dera stated “Everyone is headliner,”

Early bird ticket is available for IDR 25K and the normal one is IDR 30K. Dera added “Support this event, buy the tickets!”

For more inquiries about the show you may contact the organizer at 089628626994 or BBM 595F33B6.

Tapluck Production was established in 2010. To date, Tapluck Production has renown shows such as Tangerang Metal Festival, Rockin Friendship, Distortion Brotherhood, Sound of Freedom, and HYPERBLAST gig franchise.

This event is supported by Benteng Brigade, Kujang Keris Musickness Distro, Gothica Production, Mardhatillah Distro, BasaBasiBusuk HellMerch, Twolane Distground, Bedebah Partner Distro, Extreme Village Production, Pangadegan Metalheads, Es Teh Metal, and ERK Studio.


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