Temanggung Youth celebrating Independence Day with “Remember It’s an August”

An annual music gig to celebrate National Independence Day reaches its third edition this year in Pare Village, Temanggung Regency, Central Java. The Remember It’s an August marks the surge in patriotism in Temanggung youth, something that considered lacking nowadays.

Starting in August 2015 as a local music event, Remember It’s an August has been drawing more enthusiasm from musicians outside its neighborhood. This year’s issue will showcase 21 bands with genre varies from metal to punk, from Temanggung Regency to Magelang.

Remember It’s an August 2017 will take place on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at CV. Rahma Jaya’s front yard in Mendirat, Pare, District Kranggan, Temanggung, featuring Magelang-based death metal act Cassandra as headliner. The gig will start from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Cassandra is coming in full force to complete their seventh date from eight in total of Berani Tour 2017, to promote their debut full-length album Sistematis Manipulasi. The tour has been started in Magelang on July 17, 2017, followed by one show in Salatiga, four shows in Yogyakarta, one in Temanggung and wrapping their first leg of Berani Tour 2017 in Pati. The band will be co-headlining Pati Death Fest on September 10.

Temanggung metal enthusiasts will enjoy a set list comprises assorted songs from the album’s lethal 9 tracks

Founded in 2016, Cassandra’s initial line up consisted of Sigit Widhiyanto(vocals), Dwi Candra (guitars), Adi (guitars), Machin Musyafak (bass) and Abaz Hadi Baskoro (drums). Adi quit the band subsequently and replaced by David Amb.

The gig spectators will witness the comeback of local Gothic death metal act Randu Alas, after went on hiatus for a year. Their famous dark and sorrow songs such as Memori Kepedihan, Kepingan Derita, Jurang Nista, to name a few, will be played again in the air of Temanggung.

Randu Alas was founded in 2013, and latest known lineup comprises Rani Dhelova (vocals), Rizky (vocals), Jamal (guitars), Didik (guitars), Irfan (bass), Indra (keyboards), and Faishal (drums).



The organizer spokesperson Dwi Chandra in his interview with Musik.or.id said the Remember It’s an August gig series was initiated by Pare Village youth who fond of “anti-mainstream” music, to celebrate the Independence Day in their own way by setting up an exclusive gig. Soon, the gig welcomed musicians from Temanggung and other towns.

The first gig took place on August 30, 2015 at northern side of Mendirat Field, Pare, followed by the second installment a year later.

Line Up

CASSANDRA (Magelang, death metal)
CRUSHDEATH (Temanggung, metal)
FEARHELL (Temanggung, hardcore)
RAMBUT SAPITU (Magelang, Gothic metal)
SHUT UP (Magelang, metalcore)
RANDU ALAS (Temanggung, Gothic metal)
TAWA KITA (Temanggung, pop punk)
FINAL DESTRUCTION (Magelang, hardcore)
GRASS HOPPER (Temanggung, easycore)
BUNNY FLY (Temanggung, pop punk)
VIZAKI (Temanggung, Gothic metal)



The gig is open to public and free.

For further inquiry about the show, the prganizer can be reached at 08564333946 (Moozaic Studio)


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