The KALITIDU HELLGROUND strikes again!


Bojonegoro-based metalhead community Rantai Hitam, will produce the second installment of its prime event KALITIDU HELLGROUND on Sunday, 8 January 2017, at Barat Hotel Layung, Kalitidu, Bojonegoro, East Java Province.

After a great hit and gained favor among the Bojonegorean metal enthusiasts in their previous gig on 14 February 2016,  Rantai Hitam decided to make it yearly. 16 bands will rampage the stage, trying their best to amuse extreme music fans who are hungry for super loud entertainment.

Mortal Infection‘s frontman Angga Krisdianata who is piloting the community mentioned Arko, a loud music lover who threw the idea to form the community. He saw a prospect to unite metalheads of Kalitidu in a society which later named Rantai Hitam in early 2012. Their first KALITIDU HELLGROUND franchise conceived 4 years after.

Bandung’s brutal death metal fame Digging Up, along Bogor’s Murtad and Jakarta’s Menstrual Disconsumed will headline the show.


Digging Up (Bandung)
Murtad (Bogor)
Menstrual Disconsumed (Jakarta)
Cryptogod (Cepu)
Diabolical (Gresik)
Funeral Eternal (Cepu)
Blindemon (Lamongan)
Kropos (Mojokerto)
Klandestin (Randublatung, Blora)
Lantana Camara (Blora)
Crassboomer (Blora)
Jalur Gaza (Kedungtuban, Blora)
Coorooo (Tuban)
Carnivore (Bojonegoro)
Obat Bius (Bojonegoro)
Mortal Infection (Bojonegoro)

Limited presale ticket is available for IDR 25K, while regular one which sold on the spot is set for IDR 35K.

For further inquiry about the show, please contact Angga at 082233472572 or Aji at 085755266664.

KALITIDU HELLGROUND #2 is supported by: Nollie Merch, Negative Merch, Core 62 Rockshop, Findark Distro, Cepu Corpse Grinder, Militant Randublatung Hardcorner, South Bojonegoro Death Metal, Metal Blora Bersatu, Kenduri Crew, SPX Management, Sogo Grinder Squad, Kedungtuban Death Metal, Wedang Ronde Cak Huda, Boom Collection, Ground Cell, and Karang Taruna Desa Panjunan



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