TIKAM premieres music video for “Tanda Tanya”

Surabaya-based metal unit TIKAM released its first official music video titled Tanda Tanya on April 13, 2017. The song is taken from their upcoming debut full-length album Jurnal Amarah, scheduled to release on April 23, 2017.

In its official Facebook page, the band rated the video as an R18+, restricted to 18 and over, regarding to its offensive lyric and images. Read the lyric carefully below to understand the message.

Tanda Tanya (question mark) tells about God existence from a moral-nihilist’s point of view. He denies any proof of divine presence but keep on questioning about it. In the end,  he becomes conscious since he could not prove the nonexistence of God.

The video started with the infamous Parental Advisory label accompanied by a static noise. A bare-chest man with a white full-faced cloth mask, roams without apparent purpose. Followed by a scene shows a woman, again with a white mask, in a bedroom, strips off her white t-shirt, presumably representing the human lust or a whore like mentioned in the lyric.

The man is showed again, this time thrashing in pedestrian. Previous scenes are shown. The man, now sitting in the corner beside a rocking chair, crazily shaking his head.

Following scene shows the man is thrashing on a floor such having a tantrum. In the scene, a black book titled “Jurnal Amarah” or “the diary of anger” is lying on the floor.

The man appears again jittery, walking back and forth holding “Jurnal Amarah” book. An image of Tikam’s cover CD appears, followed by a list of track titles. Then the video repeats some previous footage.

The video starts to show its scenes backward: the man comes back to its previous scene, and the woman wearing the white tee again. Presumably symbolizes the return of consciousness and finding the answer of divine existence. The video is ended with a glitch overlay screen.


Tanda Tanya is directed, edited and produced by Tikam’s founding member/bassist Ahmad “Cak Boker” Badaruzzaman. To shoot the scenes, Badaruzzaman employed  R. Wiryawan Surya Kusuma, his own drummer. He teamed up with Wishnu Doyok to do the art direction. The band’s owned-label INSTING Creative Records is credited as executive producer.

Jurnal Amarah is the fruition of their long-suffering since its inception in 2013. The band produced the album itself, with the help of Joshua Pello, who was in charge for engineering, mixing and mastering.


The album consist of 14 tracks, mostly written in Bahasa Indonesia, and two songs were written in Javanese. Jurnal Amarah is a documentation of anger for what they saw and have, varies from political issue to daily life. The lyrics were written in a point of view of a fictitious creature who committed sins and crimes, and endorsed others to do the same.

In its press release, the band stated the album is unsuitable for those under 18.

Tikam’s current lineup consists of Bayu Karna (vocals), Bima Kordes (guitars), Fajar A. (guitar), R. Wiryawan (drums) and Ahmad Badaruzzaman (bass).

The video can be seen below:


Directed by Ahmad “Cak Boker” Badaruzzaman
Produced by Ahmad “Cak Boker” Badaruzzaman
Executive produced by INSTING Creative Records
Art Direction by Ahmad “Cak Boker” Badaruzzaman & Wishnu Doyok
CInematography by R Wiryawan Surya Kusuma
Edited by Ahmad “Cak Boker” Badaruzzaman


Jalan hidupku berlendir penuh ludah dan norma
Mempesona logika mengabaikan norma-norma
Semua terasa begitu nyata di depan mata
Persetan dengan semua dongeng tentang neraka
Terori purba konsep surga dan neraka
Tidak selogis dibanding lubang v**ina
Hiraukan tengik liurku yang tertinggal pada sepasang p**udara dan s**angkangan
Pelacur hina
Aku membantah segala konsep Ketuhanan
Yang tak senyata nikmat s**ankangan

Namun terus menghujam pertanyaan yang membunuhku dengan lebih arogan
Aku selalu mempertanyakan bukti-bukti tentang keberadaan


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