Undersix Darkness #1: Merdeka Indonesiaku

To celebrate the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day, Rembang-based event management and music merchandiser, Gondrong Clothing will hold a new gig titled Undersix Darkness #1 on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at Gudang Utara Makam Desa Temperak, District Sarang, Rembang Regency, Central Java.

Merdeka Indonesiaku is chosen as the gig’s theme.

Gondrong Clothing has set eighteen metal bands from Central Java, East Java and West Java on the gig roster, featuring Anastasya, Zheprapat, Air Mata Hitam and Infectstick as the gig’s headliner.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Ada Anastasya di Undersix Darkness #1

The gig’s top of the bill Subang-based Gothic metal act Anastasya is in the midst of releasing their third full-length album titled Rahasia Suci. Previously, the band has released two high-acclaimed studio albums Diary from Darkness (2014) and Death Before Love Against (2015).

Presumably the band will feature Ucy from Astana Band as guest vocalist for one more time, since the original singer Amy Soetyatmi is on sabbatical. Uci  fronted Anastasya when the band headlined an underground gig Mbangun Deso Part VIII in Batang, Central Java, on July 2, 2017.

Anastasya was founded in 2009 by guitarist Aliez Shenoda as a progressive rock band. The band was put on hiatus when Aliez joined Moses Bandwidth in 2010. Aliez quit the latter and reformed his previous band. He took along with him former Moses Bandwidth’s singer Suciyani Jasmine Basalamah and drummer Ryan Dwi Bachtiar.

Ami Soetyatmi stepped in 2015 to fill Jasmine’s shoes who demised due to stomach ulcer.

Current formation comprises Aliez Shenoda (guitars/vocals), Ami (vocals), Erick (bass), Yugo (bass) Davi (guitars) and Rudhy (keyboards).

Speed metal music enthusiasts in East Java has been waiting for Zheprapat to release album, although the band is known for having enough materials for a full-length. Founded in December 2004 as a supergroup whose personnel came from different music backrgound, Zheprapat now comprises of Raka Matrius (guitars), Sitey (vocals), Audy (vocals), Cikoz Farica (guitars), Yudhiez (bass), Agus (keyboards), and Rizal (drums).

Zheprapat stands for zhetan (setan) prapatan.

Bogor-based Gothic black metal act Air Mata Hitam will showcase their latest single Tekanan Batin, and previous works Penghantar Roh Kehidupan and Duka Lara. Air Mata Hitam was reformed in December 2010 from the ashes of previous Gothic metal act (later thrash metal) with the same name by Joy (bass) and Reza (vocals).

Current formation consists of Jebag (bass), Dameh (drums), Endha (guitars), Jesh (guitars), Ridhwan (keyboards), Reza (vocals) and Dyah (vocals)

Death metal four-piece from Lamongan, Infectsick will play their famous set list Wajah Pemberontak Spesies Pembunuh, Bertahan Hidup, Menyiksa Diri, Kamu Harus Mati and Pengkhianat Bangsa. Those sick tunes has made them gaining a cult of following around East Java.

Infectsick was founded in 2008 as Devastation. The band has several line up changing since, mostly due to members resided in different cities. Current line up consists of Farid Ramadhan (bass), Didit Sahadi (guitars), Pur (vocals), and Vicky Eko Ardhiant (drums).


Musik.or.id conducted an interview with Setyawan from Gondrong Clothing. He said the event aims to support the local music development; to strengthen bonding among metalheads in the area; and to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day.

He revealed Gondrong Clothing was founded on October 21, 2015 by Arif Efendi. Instead of being a music merchandise store, Gondrong Clothing also organizes some gig series, i.e Rock Metal Pantura (4 editions), Ska Fest Rembang, and Rembang Compilation. The latter is an all-genre music show.

Setyawan (known under moniker Boneng) is the frontman of Rembang-based extreme mystic black metal Kirim Doa.



ANASTASYA (Subang, Ghotic metal)
ZHEPRAPAT (Sidoarjo, speed metal)
AIR MATA HITAM (Bogor, Ghotic black metal)
INFECTSICK (Lamongan, death metal)
SPG (Rembang, rock/metal)
KIRIM DOA (Rembang, black metal)
RISING JAVA (Rembang, Ghotic black metal)
WEWANGEN (Kendal, war black metal)
RELIGHIOSA (Ngawi, black metal)
ARWAH METAL (Pandaan, speed metal)
BERITH (Rembang, war black metal)
X GOTH666 (Lasem, groove metal)
KHODAM AKHERAT (Mojokerto, harmony black metal)
PREMONITION (Pamotan, death metal)
LEGIONS OF ANGEL (Lamongan, Ghotic black metal)
PENATASAN (Cilacap, black metal)
SUSUK MANTEN (Solo, black metal)
DEATH OF BLOOD (Rembang, death metal)

The organizer provides early birds tickets in 2 phases: IDR 15K (17 – 30 July), and IDR 20K (1 – 26 August) each. The on-the-spot ticket is sold for IDR 25K. An official event t-shirt is available for IDR 80K.

For further information about Undersix Darkness, the organizer can be reached at 0895383106748 (WA/Kadrak), and BBM D684ADD2 (Setyawan).

This event is supported by Gondrong Clothing, SPG Community, RMP Event, Bemper, Lavendhus SD, Cartoe Community, Mbalelo Community,  and New Rojali Coffee.


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