Unsatisfactory is listed in two upcoming Compilation Albums

Unsatisfactory @ GMA's Not Just Noise
Unsatisfactory @ GMA’s Not Just Noise

Unsatisfactory announces that they are joining Siksa Kubur, Rotor, Purgatory, etc in Indonesian Metal Top 100 CD Compilation 2013. There will be 100 bands listed in the upcoming  MP3 formatted CD. The Compilation is produced by Jorghi Soebagio & Yaya Wacked for  KULABIS METAL NETWORK – ATO Production.

“We were contacted by Jorghi Soebagio, and he asked us to send him one of  our reverbnation tunes in mp3 format.” Reza, the band guitarist and spokesperson said to acehmusician.org in 12th of July 2013.

“It’s an honor for us being in the same album with some Indonesian Metal Legends and other great bands.

“We don’t have any information yet about the release date. But it will be this year!

“And, we also will be in the upcoming GMA’s Metal Compilation Album with 9 other bands from Aceh metal realms. The album is planned to be released in September or October 2013.” Reza stated to Bastera Rusdi from acehmusician.org.

Unsatisfactory was formed in September 2011 by Angga (guitar) and Kake (vocal) from then defunct Bloody Revenge,  Arya (drums) from Saksi Bisu and Sancep (bass).  Reza, a Bireuen guitarist who then resided to Banda Aceh,  joined them later.

The band is exclusively playing melodic death metal genre. All band members are part of Bising Crew who organize the monthly GMA’s Not Just Noise Gigs.

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