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A music video by Moritza Thaher for his new single Pho. The video is produced by Layarkaca Intervision and directed by MOn SamkHa.

Producing and re-arranging in Neo-Aceh style (a genre which was first coined by Moritza Thaher himself), Pho is based on a traditional Acehnese dance called PHO,  originated from  hundred years ago in Aceh Barat district. The dance tells a legend of a mother grieving the death of her son. The son was being slandered for committing adultery.

Pho was known as a mourning dance and performed only in funeral ceremony. But now it appears in wedding ceremony as a sermon for the bride.

Video Credits:

Music by Moritza Thaher feat. Hillman Rizqan and Denni Syukur
Produced by Hillman Rizqan and Maulana Akbar
Production Manager: Jamal Abdullah
Directed by MOn SamkHa
D.O.P: MOn SamkHa and Rizqi Aulia  
Edited by Amondaya Alfanmono
Lighting: Bonal Bond, Q-Mung, Tj-Uun, Mirza, Kamarullah, Guslim ‘gui’.
Sound System: Akhyar ‘Ciblo’, Ateng DeLogas, Yon ‘Cibloe’
Photographed by Hasbi Azhar 


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