VOLT IDIOT is a deathgrind act from West Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in Jelambar in September 2012 by Diki Kurniansah.  He and Rudy Loy Rockesh, a fellow guitarist who lived in the same area, met frequently to discuss about music. Diky wanted to form a new band that played deathgrind,an amalgam of death metal and grindcore. He asked Rudy to co-found the band. Rudy joined shortly afterward and he suggested VOLT IDIOT as the band’s name.

They started to recruit musicians to fulfill the original lineup. Diki brought in Ink One’s drummer Robby and former Quraish’s guitarist Safrol a.k.a Ipol. Bassist Whawan joined the flock later

The new-formed VOLT IDIOT began to write and to record their own songs. A promo CD released in 2014 by their own label Dead Rebel Records. The demo album titled Grind Your Head consists of three songs Intro, Filosofi Kebodohan and Timur Peradaban.

Whawan quit the band in 2014 for an undisclosed reason. In the same year, they partook in a compilation album titled Undergrorund United #2, issued by Revolver Records.

In 2015, the band was listed in album Harta Tahta Wanita, a grindcore compilation album released by DeadProses Merch.

Volt Idiot also took part in another grindcore compilation album Meet and Grind Vol. 1, released by Genesis Production in 2016. In immediate date, Single Timur Peradaban participated in punk/hardcore  compilation album Pentas Minimalis Berantakan #13, released by TigaBlast Record.

Co-founder/guitarist Rudy Aloy followed Whawan’s step to left the band in 2016. The band sealed a deal with independent label company Mixerius Records in the same year. The now-trio Volt Idiot entered Apache Music Studio, Bekasi in January 2017 to record their materials for upcoming self-produced debut full-length album.

Ipol played all the string instruments. Januaryo Hardy from Insidious Soundlab engineered and mixed the debut. 

Three first songs Intro, Bidadari Api, and Ideologi Abstrakwere released as a limited promo CD on March 1, 2017. The cover art was made by Hery from Mythology Arts. Ryo Oscaryzm designed the band’s logo.

Frontman Diki Kurniansyah in his statement to described the story behind the promo CD’s track listing. Bidadari Api is a song about a woman who undermined a member of parliament’s moral. Ideologi Abstrak tells about government officers’ unscrupulous idea to use authority for their own gain.

Diki said the band expects the debut will be released in immediate date this year. They will continue the recording session in May.

He cited Misery Index, Nasum, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Carnage, Terorrizer, etc as the band’s main influences.



Diki Kurniansah – vocals (2012 – present)
Safrol – guitars (2012 – present)
Robby – drums (2012 – present)


Whawan – bass (2012 – 2014)
Rudy Loy Rockesh – guitars  (2012 – 2016)


2014 – Grind Your Head (demo CD) (Dead Rebel Records)

2014 – VA – Undergrorund United #2 (Revolver Records)
2015 – VA – Harta Tahta Wanita #1 (DeadProces Mech)
2016 – VA – Meet and Grind Vol. 1 (Genesis Production)

2016 – VA – Pentas Minimalis Berantakan #13 (TigaBlast Record)

2017 – Promo CD (Mixerius Records)


Facebook: Volt Idiot
Twitter & Instagram: @voltidiot
Reverbnation: Volt Idiot
ooking: +62 8989-0411-83 (Diki)
Email :


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