Waru Metal Underground #2: Underground Legend Spirits

A compilation album launch extravaganza will be held today, Sunday July 16, 2017 at Indoor Tennis Hall, Sidoarjo. The Greater Surabayan metal citizen will be entertained by thirty one famous metal acts from around East Java Province at Waru Metal Underground #2.

The Waru Metal Underground #2 is the second volume of Waru Metal Underground compilation album, whose the first edition was released in July 2015 by Heretica Production.

Underground Legend Spirits is chosen as this year’s theme.

A bundling package comprises tee, CD, poster and sticker is available for IDR 120K.

Surabaya-based famous emcee Anggah McJazon will host the show along with Rere.

We asked Anggah a short statement about the show and he said “tetap pada jiwa ku.. ini lah pesta bawah tanah yang berkode etik dan Indonesia.. tetap berpancasila.. unity in diversity.. mc.jazon.”


PEJAH (Surabaya Harmony Black Metal)
VENDUZOR (Surabaya Death Metal)
BEAUTY OF BLOOD (Krembung Ethnic Gothic Metal)
METALCOHOLLIC (Surabaya Metal Legend)
SEXUAL SICKNESS (Kertosono Stressick Porno Grind)
ALAM KUBUR (Sidoarjo Black Metal)
INTERNAL CORRUPT (Surabaya Brutal Death Grind)
ANGEL OF DARKNESS (Sidoarjo Gothic Black Metal)
PESANGGRAHAN SAKRAL (Tulungagung Javanesse Black Metal)
ROTTEN SIDE (Sidoarjo Death Metal)
ENDLESSLOVE (Sidoarjo Gothic Metal)
ANAL SICKNESS (Sidoarjo Porno Grind)
VAGINAL TORMENT (Kediri Disgusting Porn Grind Assassin)
BASHINGSAY (Sidoarjo Slamming Death Metal)
GOROG (Sidoarjo Slamming Brutal Death Metal)
DICTATOR OF DEATH (Surabaya Punk Hardcore)
SAMBER NYOWO (Tulungagung Black Metal)
TRUST TO DIE FAST (Wonosobo Sick Grind)
ATHEIS (Surabaya Harmony Black Metal)
MUTILASI (Surabaya Black Metal)
KREMANIUM (Surabaya Slamming Brutal Death Metal)
ARWAH GHOIB (Surabaya Black Metal)
MANUSIA SINETRON (Kertosono Grind Core)
DURJANA MURKA (Surabaya Black Metal)
GENDALA MISTIS (Krembung Javanesse Black Metal)
RESPATI GETIH (Krian Black Metal)
DEAD OF LUCIFER (Sidoarjo Metal Core)
SATAN HITAM (Mojosari Black Metal)
PARESAN (Jombang Mystic Black Metal)
SETAN (Surabaya Black Metal)
EXORCISM (Surabaya Metal)

Ticket is sold for IDR 20K each. For further information about the show, you can contact Rizal (082141026176/D1050C87), Teguh (08993893075 /5B5C6BF1) and Syamsud (083849457254 /D5440005).

This event is supported by Zona Bising Mc.JaZoN, Lj One Sound System, Arwa666MetalProduction, Jawank Sablon, Extreme Metal Production, Santana Metal Store, Sidayu Berisik, Tragedi Tak Berujung and GMS Merch.



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