Watch Kecoa Terbang’s new music video “Sein Kanan Belok Kiri”

Alternative rock act from East Bekasi, Kecoa Terbang has released a music video titled Sein Kanan Belok Kiri. The song was published through their Youtube channel KECOA TERBANG OFFICIAL on May 26, 2017.

Sein Kanan Belok Kiri is directed and edited by the band’s drummer Aldi Pratama using footage from their performances at some previous events. Saratizyana and Primawida are credited for cinematography.

The single features comic lyric that heavily criticizes the Indonesian motorbike riders stereotype, and utilizes fuzz distortion guitars and powerful energetic drum beats.

The song talks about a mother who rides motor cycle right in front of the band, using right turn signal, but then turning left. The band worries about the situation since she can cause confusion which triggering road accident.

The theme is related to “ibu-ibu bawa motor Mio” phenomenon, a term to describe the annoying bad habit in motor cycle riding in Indonesia, mostly practiced by female riders. Ibu-ibu bawa motor Mio literally means “mothers drive Yamaha Mio automatic scooter”, whose story can be traced back to 2003 when the world giant motor cycle factory introduced its automatic scooter lines in Indonesia. Since that time, roads have been flooded with that kind of motorcycle.

Sein Kanan Belok Kiri is taken from their 2016 EP Menolak Malas, released digitally on December 5, 2016. The band recorded the EP materials at Apache Studio, Bekasi. The studio’s in-house engineer, Salim recorded the whole tracks, and Erik Thrasline mixed and mastered them at Rajawali Studio.

Kecoa Terbang is enjoying their new status as top ten finalist of Planetrox Envol et Macadam Festival 2017 -Indonesian audition. The Planetrox project is an international competition established in collaboration with the City of Quebec,  to discover the best emerging bands from each of the participating countries, and then to present them to the festival’s audience. The 2017 edition will give chance for selected bands from ten participating countries i.e Canada, the United States, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Indonesia, Japan and the Czech Republic, to perform in Quebec City from September 7 to 9, 2017.

The band was formed on March 21, 2016 by Anang Zainy (vocals), Rio Riyadi (guitars), Riansyah Putra (bass), and Aldi Pratama (drums) who met during high school at SMAN 9 Bekasi. The quartet is managed by Sanskerta‘s bassist Dwiyana Putra Slamet under his Way Management, who also manages The Postman and High Level.

Watch the video below:



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