Event: WE DO A PARTY #10

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Since its inception on 5 May 2012, WE DO A PARTY gigs franchise  have been held for nine times with a remarkable accomplishment. A stable and consistent hard working from PARTY CREW who has been delivering rooms for a number of Lhokseumawe-based musical acts to showcase their talents in last two years.

PARTY CREW has announced the tenth installment of WE DO A PARTY will be run on this Saturday, 8 March 2014, at KNPI Building, Lhokseumawe. 28 bands from all over Aceh Province and North Sumatera Province will engage in this coolest party-series in Northern Aceh area.

Bima from PARTY CREW told acehmusician.org the number ten’s theme is “fest for a moshing day [sic]”, which means the WE DO A PARTY #10 is intended to give space for concert-goers to express their enjoyment in heavy music by doing moshing, crowd surfing, stage diving, pogoing,  and wall of death, by sharing a mutual respect and avoiding of inappropriate excessive moves that can cause injuries and fights. 

“You are free to express yourself, but keep it away from violence and drugs! Respect!” said Bima.

The Lineup:

  1. Raining Blood (Pematang Siantar)
  2. Metalitikum Siantar (Pematang Siantar)
  3. Sacrifice In Vainread their profile in this link 
  4. Im Kidding, read their profile in this link
  5. Message From Helena,  read their profile in this link
  6. Crazy For Fun
  7. Bring us the poison
  8. Bright Evening Stars (Banda Aceh)
  9. Sunday With Couper (Banda Aceh)
  10. Popcorn from the Hell
  11. The Origin Of Panda
  12. Story With Friend
  13. Mukabasi
  14. Line Over Stack
  15. Achieving Dreams
  16. Deredy Brother
  17. Lazy Bear
  18. Elizabeth
  19. I Don’t Care Lhokseumawe
  20. Lost Symphonic
  21. Last Bloods (Banda Aceh)
  22. Krabby From Plankton
  23. Circus is Over
  24. Mafia the Holiday
  25. The Frontman
  26. Dasister Dalalova
  27. Follow to Mention
  28. Sleeping with Angel

Ticket is available at the entrance for IDR 10K.

For further inquiry about the gig, you can contact Bima (085361151429), or following their twitter account @PartyCrewAceh.

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