XTAB to rock Peace Of Metal #1

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Peti Mati Community adakan Peace of Metal #1 untuk masyarakat Gresik

A new gig is coming to Gresik this Sunday, May 14, 2017, presented by Peti Mati Community. The gig titled Peace of Metal #1 will showcase fifteen extreme music bands from East Java, plus Bandung-based death metal XTAB as its headliner. The event will take place at Raden Kromo Wijoyo Sport Center, Sidayu, Gresik, East Java.

The pound sign #1 means the society intended to make the gig as a serial. This event’s theme is Kebebasan di Ambang Batas, taken from Peti Mati’s upcoming fourth album title.

Peace of Metal #1 marks the revival of Peti Mati Community after five years hibernating.

Quartet Ovik (guitars), Gun (drum), Odoy (vocals) and Ncenk (bass) from XTAB will rock the stage with some brutal tunes from their full-length albums Goresan Kebencian (2008), and Brutality in My Hand (2012). The band is rumored has been working for their third record.

XTAB stands for Extreme Tendencies Animosity Brutality, founded in 2001.

Gresik-based black metal band Peti Mati was founded in 1997 by Getok (guitars), Agus (bass), Kuro (drums), and Unyil (vocals).  Now the band current line up consists of Kuro (guitars), Kundoro Kato (bass), Faried (drums), Kapiten Omprienk (vocals).

Peti Mati has released three full-length albums War of Mission, Kebulet Kimpet and Pemberontakan Kaum Tertindas.  They are on the verge of releasing their fourth album titled Kebebasan Di Ambang Batas.

Black metal enthusiasts has been waiting for Misanthropic Imperium‘s upcoming debut album Cawan Amarah, after the band released high-acclaimed single Abomination Spells in 2016. The debut was scheduled to released in February 2017, but postponed due to some technical issues, Musik.or.id has learned.

Misanthropic Imperium has published two teasers from Cawan Amarah: Seranah Bathara Agni and Infernal Lust Purification in February 2017. We presume they will put those two new songs along with Abomination Spells on their set list in Peace of Metal #1.

The band was founded in Malang in 2014 by members of Ritual Orchestra, Dramatic, and Kufur. Now consists of mysterious pseudonymous lords Danthalion (drums), Deadcrush (guitars), Infernus (guitars) and Throne of the Moon (bass, vocals). Misanthropic Imperium is scheduled to do closing performance in the very show.

Emmy Ratina, the society spokesperson in her interview with www.Musik.or.id said the society went on long hiatus due to its members daily activities. They decide to make Peace of Metal as their reunion gig. The idea was coming from Emmy, Edy Darmansyah, Faried Cavalera, and Abdul Hakim in January 2017.

Emcee Anggah McJazon will host the show.


  1. XTAB (Bandung, death metal)
  2. MISANTHROPIC IMPERIUM (Malang, black metal)
  3. PETI MATI (Gresik, death metal)
  4. VENDUSOR (Surabaya, black metal)
  5. ARWAH (Gresik, brutal death metal)
  6. BLOODY VOMIT (Lamongan, brutal death metal)
  7. TEKAD (Mojokerto)
  8. METALION (Surabaya)
  9. MATI SURI (Gresik)
  10. LAST ANGEL (Mojokerto)
  11. KROMO INGGIL (Gresik, harmoni black metal)
  12. KEMBANG MAYANG (Nganjuk)
  13. OVER DOOM (Surabaya, Gothic metal)
  14. BORGOL (Gresik, speed metal)
  15. INNOCENCE (Gresik, Gothic metal)
  16. WARRIOR (Gresik, death metal)

Ticket is available for IDR 30K. The Peti Mati Community sells official event t-shirt for IDR 100K and IDR 110K (long sleeve).

For further information about the show, the community can be reached at 081216299901/D078851A (Andra Cavellera), 081230005665/D300EB5E (Abdul Hakim), 085731508666/D569A5A4 (Avient Kromo Inggil)

Peace of Metal#1 is supported by Diplomat Impact, Sidayu Berisik Community, Mojokerto Black Conspiracy,  Borgol Maesan Studio, Soul in Spirit, Militansi Rock Community, Indomart, Ayu Indah, Helloween Gresik, Giant Sound Sytem, Abidta Studio and MetalHead Pantura.


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